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Friday 10 June 2011

Where have you seen Sunita's aunties before?

I'm loving, just loving, Sunita's aunties being back on Coronation Street.  Anyone else?  Anyway, if you think they look familiar, chances are you've seen them before on TV.

Actress Jamila Massey is 76 years old and plays Upma Parekh. She's appeared before in Eastenders, Brookside, Crossroads, The Archers, Albion Market, Jewel in the Crown, Minder, and Z Cars!  Jamila has been on Coronation Street before about six years ago and has played another role. Anyone remember who this was?  She told the BBC she loves playing Sunita's aunt: "I enjoyed playing the character although she is not too forbidding, like the aunts in the novels of PG Wodehouse."

And actress Indira Joshi plays the other aunty, Grishma.  She's the one who's been in The Kumars at No. 42. Her IMDB listing is here, it's pretty extensive.

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Steven said...

Loving them too but we also need the legendary Uncle Umed back too!

IamSimon said...

I thought they were poor last night, but tonight, I have to admit, they have been great!

Tvor said...

I like the AUnties, too. Only in small doses, though, wouldn't want them in it full time.

It's only a guess but was Ms. Massey the one that played Vikram's auntie back when they started Streetcars? The one that kept wanting free taxis?

Dilly Daydream said...

No, sorry, can't agree. I can't stand them, they overact and they're just basically annoying.

And Steven - noooooo - no bringing back Uncle Umed, that would be just too much!

Anonymous said...

Ugh disgusting characters. Why on earth would you even bother bringing them back even if it isnt for ages. Phils mind works different to all of us. The decisions he thinks are good are terrible to us and vice-Versa

njblas said...

Indira Joshi played Dev's Auntie Maya, a character who disappeared withour explanation.
Not sure about Jamila Massey, but I have a feeling she was the second actress to play Dev's mother.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Absolutely dire and dull dull dull. I cannot fatholm the point in bringing them back, they werent particularly popular last time, are poorly acted, and are so not funny but embarrasing to watch. Why would Sunita and Dev even entertain putting these ghastly old trouts up in their home they way they insult them. Scrounging and rude, the ridiculous way they were trying to "fix" Sunita up with a non Asian man and sitting in the pub was so stupid and just not credible. Cant wait to see the back of em. Most older Asian ladies have grace and dignity, this pair are a total joke.

Scott Willison said...

The aunties are brilliant! I love them fussing around and arguing. Their little contremps about the bread roll on the aeroplane was great. And calling Gail "Mrs Macintyre the tragic widow"!

Anonymous said...

Hoping to see them in the cafe more often dissing Sylvia. The comment about the tea. Poor Dr. Carter (hope he gets together with Maria) duped into going to Sunita's...ha.


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