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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Whatever happened to these missing Corrie characters?

Over Corrie's 50 year history, many characters have left without a trace, with most people not even knowing its was the character's last appearance. Let's take a look at some of the recent characters that have disappeared off the face of Coronation Street.

1. Pam Hobsworth - Last Appearance 17th December 2010
Pam Hobsworth, or "Auntie Pam" as we all call her, first appeared in 2008 as a sidekick to Molly. When Molly died in the tram crash, we all felt the end was near for Auntie Pam and alas, her last appearence was at Molly's funeral. Last we have heard is that Bill & Pam have gone travelling, so it is probably the last we will see of this character.

2. Tom Kerrigan - Last Appearance 24th April 2009
Tom first arrived in February 2008 for Liam's stag party, and returned in June as a full time character. He was known for being a bit of a moaner and held a candle for Liam's wife Maria. He was last seen kissing Kelly Crabtree in the Rovers ginnel after having a row with Maria and Tony. Philip McGinley, the actor who played Tom, was reportedly axed in March 2009 and there's a 99.9% chance he won't be back.

3. Ted Page - Last Appearance 29th January 2010
Ted was brought in as Gail's father in 2008, and turned out to be gay. However, the character didn't have much longevity, and after giving Joe McIntyre money for pills, he was never seen again, with no confirmation of axing.

4. Minnie Chandra - Last Appearance 26th October 2009
Minnie was a bubbly character and was brought in as a friend for Amber Alahan. She worked in the kebab shop and was mistaken for having an affair with Tyrone Dobbs. It was reported she was cast to reflect Manchester's ethnic background, however the character had no longevity and was last seen giving Tyrone Dobbs a driving lesson, never to be seen again.

5. Connie Rathbone - Last Appearance 20th December 2010
Originally cast as a friend for Jack, he eventually ended up living with her, however he moves back when he finds out he is terminally ill. When Jack died, she served no purpose on the Street anymore and had her last appearance in the Kabin, telling Rita and the customers that Jack has died.

6. Len Windass - Last Appearence 14th August 2009
Brought into the show as part of the Windass clan, Len appeared sporadically for 8 months. Although he has been mentioned since, he last appearance was on the street when Joe got arrested. He was never seen again, although his character was used for his brother Eddie's exit plot.

7. Doreen Fenwick - Last Appearence 20th December 2007
A feisty character, pensioner Doreen originally appeared as a former exotic dancer and a friend of Rita's and was known for getting proposed to three times in one day. She was last seen when she rejected Norris' marriage proposal. She was mentioned on the 6th December 2010 when Rita was going to meet her in town, but had to cancel because of illness.

8. Wilf Morton - Last Appearence 5th October 2007
Appearing as part of the Morton clan, he appeared only sporadically and is only remembered for posting a fake obitiuary, with many thinking he was actually dead when he was well alive. He suddenly stopped appearing in October 2007 and left without a trace, and was never mentioned by the Morton clan again.

Can you think of any other Coronation Street characters that have disappeared without a trace?


Anonymous said...

You have the date right for Connie's last appearance but not the description - she showed up after Molly's funeral to try and console Tyrone but he shouted at her and kicked her out.

Doesn't look like we will be seeing Bill Webster again so you could add him to the list...

Nathan Johnson said...

I have a couple of characters

Jed Stone - Last appearance 2nd February 2009

He was a character from the 1960s, brought back in 2008 where he was evicted from his home by Tony Gordon. He briefly moved in with Emily Bishop, before being nearly murdered by Tony on Christmas and sent of to Wigan. Tony sent his pal Jimmy Dockerson round to sort him out when Carla noticed stangulation marks on Jed's neck when questioning him about Tony. The last thing we heard is that Jed had a heart attack and was back in hospital, and he was never heard of again. He didn't even come back after Tony's death, and nobody has found out what Tony did to poor Jed.

Jimmy Dockerson - Last appearance 23rd October 2009

Tony's henchman, sent to kill Liam and also hired him to attempt to kill Carla on her return after threatening Tony to expose his crimes. She hit him over the head, and Tony pretended he was dead to get Carla to flee. Jimmy was heard to have been arrested after Tony handed himself into the police and gave his name. This has really bugged me, as we have heard nothing about a trial or conviction. Surely Liam's family would want to know what happened to the killer of Liam?

Natalie said...

The actress who played Minnie is now appearing in Waterloo Road.

Frosty the Snowman said...

What happened to the two old boys from the "First Husbands Club" that was formed with Norris that used to meet in the Rovers? Keith Barron played one, I cant remember who played the other. Both disappeared and were never mentioned again, shame as they were quite entertaining.

Steve said...

and who lives in the block of flats - Victoria Court? All 20 flats are so as per the bell pushes when we saw them occasionally but no one ever appears as living there. Who lives in the house next to the empty butchers?

gab said...

gails dad ted ddisppaearing baffled me the most why would she not even mention her own father anymore

Anonymous said...

What are Corrie playing at. Aunty Pam is a great character and we need her back now. Come on Corrie, please listen to your viewers and fans.

Don't let Pam go - she's too good, funny and a thorn in the side for Kevin.

Chris M said...

Patrick Tussell - was ever present in the cab office between 2002 and 2005. He never had any major storylines, apart from going on a date with Janice (which ended in disaster when he brought two Rotweillers on the date with him). He seemed to disappear without a trace when Lloyd bought into the firm, where I'm guessing he took on the role of having someone for Steve to talk to in the cab office who isn't Eileen.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall the actor who played patrick got into strife with the street bosses and so vanished. Its a shame about Pam but not the end of the world. Some characters just dont work out. I find it far more disturbing when characters with links to the current inhabitents dont get a mention. I find it hard to believe with all the press coverage that Mavis would not have phoned Rita to see if she was ok after the tram crash. - Micky

Rachel said...

Patrick Hatrick was written out - off screen. Steve (or Lloyd?) reported that he had managed to run himself over (a la Brian Harvey). Perhaps Fat Brenda knows of his whereabouts?

Anonymous said...

What happened to "Leggs" from the factory who seems to have just disappeared. I like her colourful clothes and her lottery win episode.

C Bee said...

I'm still amazed that Michelle Conner doesn't mention the son she got back in contact with a couple of years ago. Remember him? And cousin Tom did just disappear without a trace! He was a business partner of Maria at the time. Not too mithered about Connie, Auntie Pam and Minnie.

Anonymous said...

What about the Doctor? Who briefly dated Tina?

Anonymous said...

Pam was supposed to have left to goto Germany with Bill Webster but not that long ago Kevin took his son Jack to see 'Auntie Pam' when asked who she was he said it was Jacks mums Auntie who used to visit? So she can't be in Germany


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