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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Corrie weekly awards: June 6 - 10

Vulture award: Gold star: Mary and Norris and the cookies in court.

How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away: Graeme loves Tina and he loves Xin and she's giving him 24 hours to choose. Juggle much?

In the hotseat award: Flaming star: Fiz must have had pants on fire, she told the cops so many lies at first!
Smouldering Star: Dev and Sunita are lying to the Aunties again!

Plonker award: Gold star: Steve. He called the Social. What did he expect Becky to do?

Short memory award: Gold Star: Tina told Graeme it had "been awhile"... last week? Didn't he stay over at hers last week?

How far the Mighty have Fallen award: Dev - one shop, one kebab shop. But he still owns the posh flat, the house and the big house doesn't he? And if he's sold the house and shops, shouldn't the cash flow be somewhat abated?

The Penny Drops award: Copper Star: Tina figured out that Graeme and Xin have it goin' on before he admitted it.

Hypocrite award: Tina was practically pushing Xin out the door while saying how much she'd miss her.

Fashion Don't - Dev's pink checked shower cap.

Lines of the week:

Rita "If you can have Mary, I can have Dennis"
Tracy "Despite what you think, I'm not a complete witch" (yes you are, taking every opportunity to throw Max back in Becky's face)
Auntie "It's a rare mango that rots in the barrell alone"
Sally "If one of John Stape's victims being unearthed isn't an Act of God, I don't know what is!"
Judge "Bail is Granted" (You didn't think it wouldn't be, did you?)
Graeme to Xin "I don't want you to go" (oh PLEASE go!)
David "Graeme Proctor, Stud of this Paris"
Julie "Don't you use those puppydog eyes on me! I'm more of a cat person, but that aside..."
Rita to the Aunties "You two are going to have to get your Gaydar sorted!"


Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty's awards:

Mute award: The totally pointless blonde policewoman who was there at Fizz’s arrest, visit to the canal and subsequent charge. She uttered not one word. Why was she there?

Poor old me let’s get out the violins award: Miss Macintyresome who wallows in it so well, the hard-done by attitude which is always the pre-quel to shouting at the top of her voice and vindictiveness. Instead of shrieking “me dad” it’s going to be “me boyfriend”. Physically attractive but thoroughly unpleasant and shrewish, don’t forget Graeme saved her life and she bullied him mercilessly until he wed her rather posh and well turned out impoverished student “best mate” from the Poundshop to keep HER happy.

Most dire stereotype award: All the stupid head wobbling and put on Mumbai accents from Div and Dopey. An insult to Asian people everywhere. That and the return of the ghastly and very embarrassingly acted Aunties. Why have they never even visited Sunita’s parents, just pointlessly sitting in the Rovers or the cafĂ© all the time. Does Phil Collinson really think we are falling off our chairs in mirth over this dreadful pair? Even more out of touch than I thought.

As Long as My Faktry is OK Award: Carla just bulldozed her way into Fiz’s home on Friday and bullied poor 16 year olds Ches who needs to work to earn every penny he can and pregnant schoolgirl Katie into giving up their time to care for baby Hope just so Fiz can get behind her machine again and make profit for her. Totally unfair on the pair of them, not their responsibility and probably not even legal. Just as long as the knickers get churned out and she makes a profit, that’s OK then.

The Disappearing Shops Award: Much was made of Dev and his 7 shops with an illegitimate child in every one of them. I remember the Solihull shop was sold but what happened to the rest of them? People have to eat even in a recession so why is he suddenly so stony broke he can’t even pay for a lunch at Nicks for the Aunties? Of course his credit is good at the casino and Sunita berated him for not giving money to charity and paying Sophie “in advance”. Too many inconsistencies.

Dubious Burglary Award: I felt sorry for Sophie and Sian this week, two young not overly bright teenage girls, giving up their time with the best of intentions, “put in charge to run the place alone” by the ever increasingly creepy James amongst a load of hoary usually drunk old blokes in the Shelter then blamed them, guilt tripped them and expected money from them when the old hovel was “ broken into”, Extremely doubtful if there ever was a break in either, these two are obviously being used as scapegoats and exactly what was stolen, a few tins of Heinz tomato perhaps?

Tvor said...

I don't think James expected them to pay up and he was taking the blame himself for leaving them on their own. However, you may be right, because the girls did think they had locked up properly and I can't think they'd be so scatterbrained as to be so careless. Maybe James is up to something?

We've heard Dev mention offers on the various shops over the past few months so it's not out of context that he's sold them or the bank has taken them. Either way, he should have a bit more cash at hand now even with the mortgage on the flat still outstanding and possibly the big house. I dunno. If i had those money worries and a big house i couldn't shift, i'd move back into it. Number 7 would be easier to sell!

I also didnt' take that Carla was just interested in her own profit. She's been through something similar with Tony and it seemed to me she knows the best thing is not to wallow in it, but to get back to a routine and work to keep you busy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Frosty... the laughs are kinda cheap esp. with the Aunties who are totall unnecessary. And Tina is a thoroughly unpleasant character that now with the breakup with Graham who is leaving is just not even remotely interesting.

I found it odd and unlikely for a boss to come for a personal visit to an employee without even calling first. Since when were Fiz and Carla on such a familiar basis? Yes, Carla may have empathy due to her own bout with a psycho husband -- that would get her to preserve Fiz's job but to make a personal visit and order her brother Ches around? Nah...

Too many inconsistencies (yes, even a TV soap should have standards!) and bad writing... I'm hoping the complaint numbers emailing ITV swell and I can feel excited about watching Corrie again rather than tune in just out of habit...

Anonymous said...

I missed David saying Graeme was a Stud of Paris in the programme. I don't get it. Is it some new young people's phrase that I haven't heard before?

Anonymous said...

Light bulb moment: Fiz "How did I get into this mess"?
Julie: "I'll tell you've been STAPED"!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ask to blog Frosty? I agree with a lot of what you say but not all, but talking about it makes it about that rather than the original. You could call it Frosty Fumes! :-)

maggie muggins said...

I pretty sure what David called Graeme was the Stud of the Parish, not Paris.

I'm loving the Aunties!

TiddlesGalore said...

I have to say that I thought collectively this week's episodes were the best and most diverse in a long while. I thought the scripts were very sharp and there was a great balance between comedy and drama that has all too often been lacking. I really hope this is how things continue.

I also have to defend the two aunties, who I think are wonderful. The fact they are Asian to me is irrelevant. They perfectly carry that Corrie tradition of the battleaxe, and the snob, who likes to look their nose and judge other people. I'd love for them to stay and become part of the senior cast, and characters in their own right.

Anonymous said...

it's "stud of the parisH".

Anonymous said...

This week was tons better than the previous due to some lighter moments.Julie is a belter and I wish we would see more of her. Long may it continue!


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