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Friday, 24 June 2011

Tonight's Corrie in 140 characters or less: 24/6/11 7:30pm

Carla shows a sensitive side. calls upon her alcoholic buddy. Becky wreaks havoc in the Rovers. Gary deletes text messages from Will.


Anonymous said...

This was the most unbelievable episode yet.
Is it time Becky goes elsewhere, or behaves.
There are too many arguements, it looks like East Enders!!!

I soon will be an ex Corryfan!!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Jo. It's coming around again..Carla/booze/Peter/Leanne
C'mon..any origial thoughts? Is there one character on Corrie that hasn't gone to jail/prison? How about a de-frocked priest (not due to anything nasty) so Emily can have some screen time? Also..PLEASE tone it down with the make-up on Rita..she's starting to look like the Joker (original Jack Nicholson).

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