Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Fred Elliot in top 5 soap blokes poll

Fred Elliott came 5th in a poll of top soap blokes, as voted by the readers of Loaded magazine.

Fred is the only one from Coronation Street who featured in the top 10 of the poll, won by Harold Bishop from Neighbours.


Layman Battler said...

You do have to wonder who votes in these polls - but if the readers of Loaded magazine truly believe that one-trick-pony Harold Bishop is the best "bloke" of all-time in soap opera, then who am I to argue?

My personal vote for best-ever "bloke" would be given to Neighbours' wingnut-eared bank manager and perennial underdog Des Clarke. No finer example of an all-round good bloke.

From Corrie? Look no further than Kevin Webster for mine. Top bloke, and one I'd love to go for a few beers and a curry with.

(Despite this Molly nonsense)

Glenda Young said...

I think perhaps the best bloke in soap is Jack Duckworth.

Yoork said...

Oh, I agree about Jack. Fred's not even around anymore. Almost irrelevant, isn't it?

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