Tuesday, 21 July 2009

What Corrie spin-off story would you make?

News that Coronation Street have flown three of its cast members out to Romania to film a new spin-off DVD has gone down like a lead balloon. And as a long-time Corrie fan, the thought of another spin-off DVD, even one featuring the wonderful Croppers, doesn't fill me with glee. I've only just got round to buying and watching and not 100% enjoying Corrie's Out of Africa.

So it's got me thinking - what Corrie spin-offs would you like to see? What would you buy in the shops if it came out on DVD and you thought "I have just GOT to buy that!". My own ideas include:

Blanche and Deirdre on a one o'clock club jolly
All the young 'uns on a weekend to Blackpool
Rita, Emily and Norris visiting Mavis in the Lakes.

What would you like to see?


Llifon said...

1. Rita, Emily and Betty visiting Hilda
2. Rita and Norris winning another holiday
3. Gail and Audrey in Milan
4. Rita on a cruise and sees Alec
5. Emily meeting up with old friends Esther and Concepta
6. Ken and Deirdre visiting Irma in Llandudno, and they come across Bet
7. Betty visiting Maggie in Zaire
8. Deirdre and Blanche go to London and come across Deirdre's ex Billy

Tvor said...

I didn't mind the South Africa spinoff. It wasn't 10/10 but it was Cilla and it was what you would expect. However, the beleagured has-been emcee of the contest stole the show!

Kris, DSHQ said...


Blanche and Deirdre on a one o'clock club jolly

Smitten said...

Agreed! A spin-off with Blanche would be legend-based in the extreme!!

Georgie said...

all of the above definitely!!!
but on a more serious note i want to see more of Tonys family not just because hes gorgeous but also because hes brother is gorgeous!!!

Mark said...

Would love to see Steve and Becky Honeymooning in Canada, speciafically Halifax

Yoork said...

Blanche spin-off absolutely! I agree for a 1 o'clock club thing with Deirdre. It'll be like the Golden Girls all over again, only better!

Other than that, I think a spin-off including Becky and Steve would be great. Maybe somewhere they could get into tonnes of trouble, like Las Vegas or something!

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