Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Fiz Brown goes green

There's a great little interview with Jennie McAlpine, who plays Coronation Street's Fiz Brown, where she explains about the Mood Swings charity she's involved with and her time as a stand-up comedian.

Did you know that Jennie came second (twice) in the Young Comedian of the Year, and that she spent four years doing stand up comedy before joining rival soap Emmerdale for 3 years. She landed the role of Fiz, as a result of her brilliant comic timing and says simply, “I love jokes and just being around funny people.” Read the full interview here.

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Yoork said...

I think Jennie McAlpine is just gorgeous!

I really miss Fiz! She used to be one of my fave characters.

Glenda Young said...

Yeah, I miss Fiz's sparkle too.

Layman Battler said...

I'm reading that Jennie McAlpine played the best mate of Ollie Reynolds (Vicky Binns) in Emmerdale back in the late 90s.

I never knew this - any chance of some screencaps of the two of them together, if anyone has any, please?

Anonymous said...

What is she referring to with "it'sall going to be a bit tragic for Claire"? Interview was dated 25/07, presumably took place some time before that. Current med storyline, or more to come?

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