Sunday, 26 July 2009

Craig Gazey stalked by crazy Corrie fan

Craig Gazey, who plays fab Coronation Street butcher Graeme Proctor, reveals to The Star that he's being stalked by a female fan - and as you'd expect, he's not best pleased. The paper reports that security at the studios has been stepped up to protect Craig.

He said: "There’s this Irish girl who will not leave me alone – she’s properly stalking me. She came over all the way from Ireland to hang outside the gates. There’s not many people with the name Gazey on Facebook and she basically sent messages to all of them asking if they were related to me. She’s been ­desperate to get to know me for ages. It’s all a bit full-on." Poor lad.


Yoork said...

Poor Craig!

Roxanne said...

Oh No!

This is dreadful news. Security tightened up at the corrie studios! Craig on his guard on facebook!

...There's always one who has to go and spoil it for the rest of us....:)

I hope he wasn't referring to any of my letters as "illiterate". Every single stalky letter I draft to Craig goes through strict proofreading.

And I only put that Irish accent on once. Most other times I do a cockney accent or a Brummie accent and wear a variety of disguises.

So it's not me. And anybody who says it is, is lying.

Anonymous said...

I didnt get a message on facebook :s

Anonymous said...

Where did he get his jumper that was worn on the episode on November 13th? The grey one with a blue stripe?

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