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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Decisions: Mon July 13, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Jayne Hollison (7:30) & Mark Burt (8:30), directed by Ian Bevitt.

Fiz receives an engagement ring in the mail from John. How does he have any money left for that after his donation to the Rosie Webster grief relief fund? Easy, give her your gran's old ring. If diamonds are a girl's best friend, what are opals? You know, in Sir Water Scott's "Anne of Gierstein" the protagonist has her soul trapped in a cursed opal and Shakespeare often used the opal as a symbol of inconsistency and unpredictability. Just putting that out there. Fiz still hasn't mustered up the guts to tell Chesney about her engagement. Fiz shows Hayley her ring and admits she hasn't told Chesney about her engagement yet. Hayley thinks she should arrange a proper wedding and not get married in prison. Fiz is worried that if she changes the dates, that John might go back on suicide watch. Um, is she completely nuts? John himself said he didn't want to get married in prison. Fiz asks Hayley if she'll be a witness at her wedding, but Hayley just can't do it. She can't stand by Fiz's side as long as she's lying to Chesney. Fiz lies to John, again, saying that Hayley was excited about their prison wedding. This just can't end well.

Claire thinks that they eat too much red meat and feeds her men bran flakes for breakfast. And she calls herself a butcher's wife! Claire says she's feeling off lately, and that's why she's changing their diets. Claire is quite moody lately and first decides that they should go for a holiday to Blackpool and books it before consulting Ashley. Ashley fears leaving Graeme in charge of the butcher shop since he makes so many mistakes! Once Ashley finally comes 'round to the idea of taking time off for vacation, Claire changes her mind and says she'd rather use the money to do up the backyard instead! Make up your mind woman! Claire has a fit when Ashley compares her to Sally Webster, thinking she wants to re-do the backyard to "keep up with the Jones's." Ashley is utterly petrified by her moodiness. At the shop, Graeme comes out of the back COVERED in blood looking like something out of a horror movie. Ashley sends him home, but to drop off some chops for Claire first. Over at Claire's, Claire asks Graeme if she could pick his brain over ideas for her new backyard. Ashley returns home to find Claire and Graeme all sweaty from working out in the backyard and doesn't look amused. Ashley tells Claire to get rid of Graeme, or he will. What is going on with Claire now?

Pam tells Molly she's having second-thoughts about her date with Bill, since they've both sold themselves on exaggerated pretenses. Molly tells Pam she's an idiot, and it was a stupid idea. Pam retorts that sometimes you have to be devious to get what you want in life. Oh, Molly doesn't need telling that. It's lunch-time and Pam and her hand-basket go over to see Bill. She casually asks Bill if he got any replies from his ad. He lies and says he hasn't. She asks him if he'd like to go to the pub later, but he says he has plans. It looks to Pam as though he favours a date with a "successful business woman" than hanging out in the Rovers with her. (Aside: everytime somone on the show mentions "hot pot" I get so darn hungry!) Pam considers standing Bill up, thinking that either way he's going to be disappointed. Happens that Bill has decided to cancel on the fancy-business-lady instead. Perhaps he DOES prefer to go to the pub with Pam instead? Bill catches up with Pam on the street as they head arm-in-arm to the pub. This budding relationship is so cute.

Over at the Old Rectory, Jack wants to go over to Connie's place to see if his prize pigeon, Scarlett, is there since she hadn't returned back to her coop. Only, Connie doesn't seem keen on taking him back to her place and makes excuses not to. What could she be hiding? Was Tyrone right about Connie? The odds are unbelievably slim that Tyrone is right about anything, but I'm still curious nonetheless.

Sophie's frustrated because Ben hasn't returned her messages and she thinks he's going to wait until they're face-to-face to dump her. She's probably right. Sure, he was cute and all, but way too goody-goody for a Webster girl. Even if she is the good Webster girl.

Kevin and Sally return from their romantic weekend all loved up. It looks like Kevin and Sally really rekindled their relationship on that special weekend away, melting pillow mints with their bodies and all. I don't think I've ever seen Sally this in love with Kevin. She even pinched his bum in the Rovers! *how embarrassing* Molly doesn't look too happy about Kevin and Sally's lovey-doveyness. Molly's really been doing her hair up a lot lately. You can tell she uses a curling iron, which means it must take a long time to do. I suppose that's for Kev's benefit.

Connie refers to Jack and Tyrone as Tweedledee and Tweedledum. LOL. That's a fitting description. Wow, Tyrone's got some serious body hair. Where does the chest hair end and the head hair begin? Tyrone thinks Molly's upset because Kevin took Sally on a nice holiday and they never go anywhere. Oh, it's too painful to watch sometimes.

Later in the day, Kevin calls off his affair with Molly. He just can't do the guilt anymore. Molly looks at him with bewilderment. Kevin tells her she's only been married a few months, she shouldn't be playing away. Molly says that he's the one who started it. Real mature. Molly says she can't just turn off the feelings she has for him. She begs him to reconsider.

Tyrone decides to surprise Molly with a two week holiday to Tenerife. Molly seems happy enough at the news, but then also somewhat devastated at the fact that Kevin had encouraged Tyrone to take her on holiday. Later, Molly confronts Kevin about sending her away on holiday with Tyrone. She's not good with rejection is she? Kevin does admit that he still has feelings for her, and two weeks without her is like a life sentence. But he says if they continue with their affair, his life is over. And well, he's comfortable with his life. Hard decisions, people.

Sally comes by the garage later and sees that Kevin is having a bad day and tells him she'll run him a bubble bath and cook him his favorite meal later. It's the least she could do. How could he cheat on her?

Tyrone went shopping for his vacation and brought Molly back a silk dress, because nothing is too good for his Molly. The colour even matches her eyes! How could she cheat on him?

Earlier, when Tyrone asked Dev to give Molly the time off for her holiday, Uncle Umed decided he'd take over for Molly and did a mock interview for the job playing the part of both himself and Dev. I couldn't stop laughing at his imitation of Dev! "Why you want this jaaAAHB?" "Have you had any prACTICAAAAL EXPEEERIENCESSSS?" That Umed, sometimes he tries too hard, sometimes not enough, but every once in a while it's just right.


Anonymous said...

Just love Aunty Pam and what a lovely real relationship this will be with Bill. Nice one Corrie.

Minnie Caldwell said...

Yes unless Bill has an affair with Maria or Pam has an affair with Kirk, which just as likely as this stupid fiasco with Molly and Kevin, is Molly being turned into a bunny boiler do you think?

Glenda Young said...

I hate to say it but I'm warming to Uncle Umed.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i have to say i'm warming to umed- i think its the usual thing on corrie- when somebody new arrives you kind of think "hmm. no." Once theyve been there a while they do grow on you.

Except for molly. I have never been able to abide her- and now she's dominating our screens! Just.. just.. go! Change the storyline to Molly gets killed by a car. Driven by tyrone. Who gets seriously injured enough to take him off our screens for at least six months. Then let the car career out of control, and hit rosie webster and kirk too, and then just as "mee-shell" gets off the bus to return to weatherfield, it smashes into her too. There, all the dead wood gone in one episode..

Anonymous said...

Nooooooooo, not Uncle Umed, he's the worst thing on Telly and I still can't understand half the things he say's.

I am waiting for his head to disappear into his body though!!

Anonymous said...

Aunty Pam - you are just the best

Yoork said...

I <3 Auntie Pam + Bill

Umed's great!

I have to agree though, I don't think Molly's the best character and I think she's getting way too much screen time. Her affair with Kevin turned from creepy to a real snooze for me everytime I see them on screen together now.

Lol, I almost forgot about Mee-Shell, again.

Danny-K said...

There was something about Molly's wildly-staring heavily mascaraed eyes (the scene in the garage with Kevin trying to terminate the relationship) which made me think she'd be great in a horror film as a deranged flesh-eating killer zombie :)


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