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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Collapse: Fri July 17, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Julie Jones, directed by Ian Bevitt.

Over at Dev's shop, Amber's back! Yay! Sally tells Umed and Amber that she read somewhere that half the human body was made of water. Sally wonders how strange it'd be if you had one eye made of "eye" and the other eye made of water. Wha??? Umed continues to rip off Dev's customers. Darryl comes in and confronts Umed about telling porkies over selling him toilet rolls due to a treaty that had nothing to do with a toilet roll crisis and demands a refund. Dev finds out that Umed's been ripping off more customers and is not happy about it. Dev puts his foot down that Umed cannot over charge his customers again. Umed says he's got it. I don't think he's got it.

Molly and Tyrone take off in a cab for their vacation. Molly's face is a picture staring down Kevin as she leaves. I can't even look at her!

Jack once again asks Connie if they can go to her house to find his pigeon. Connie gives in and tells him to get his coat on. Connie brings Jack up to a large gated house and tells him it's her home. Jack is stunned. Connie says she doesn't like rattling around the big house alone so that's why she stays with her sister. Ooh, she's even got a billiards table! Jack says he can't get over the fact that he was stepping out with a woman of means. That's what all the guys that I date tell me. Pfft. Connie says she's just an ordinary working girl, she's always felt wrong having money. Sure enough, Jack spots the aptly named Scarlett. Back at Jack's, Connie tells him it's funny how Scarlett keeps turning up at her place, and reminds him that Scarlett was the reason they met in the first place. Connie tells Jack that he could spend time there if he fancied. She wouldn't feel so lonely with him there. She's planting the seed. Jack says it'd be good to give Tyrone and Molly their space and considers it.

Norris's feet are still on their sabbatical in bunyon county. Why doesn't he just take an anti-inflammatory and shut up about it? Rita hands over the trainers from Ramsay and tells Norris they're from her. Norris slides those babies on and walks around like he's on cloud 9. He says he's in heaven. Rita mutters: "I wish" under her breath. Wow, he really loves those trainers. He's even doing plies in them! Ramsay sees that Norris enjoys the trainers and tells Rita that Norris must be grateful to have a wonderful friend like her to give him those as a gift. Well, now he's plain old making a mockery out of Norris! Emily tells Norris and Rita that her niece Freda is coming for a visit, and that she's engaged.

Norris later gives his trainers back to Rita because he found out they cost more than she said and therefore she must be lying and suspects Ramsay. Ramsay admits that he got Norris the trainers. Norris tells him he can take his shoes and shove em up...well, you know. Foiled again, Ramsay!

The registry's all booked up, so Becky's dreams of being a summer bride have been crushed. Slug comes into the bar when Becky and Sean are cleaning. Slug and Becky start playfully slapping each other around with rubber gloves and head into the back. Sean's thinking what I'm thinking = innappropriate! Becky and Slug are relaxing on the sofa in the back having a cuppa. Becky tells Slug that she's got a good thing going there with Steve and she's not going to screw it up. Slug sees how domesticated Becky has become and tells her it's not her, it's someone dull and boring. Becky tells Slug how she's turned a new leaf, since Roy and Hayley loved her for who she was. He tells her that he loved her for who she was, and that you never forget your first love. He tells her he never loved anyone as much as he loved her and he wants her back. Wow. I guess I was expecting that, but still shocked to hear him say it. Becky said that they two of them were a train wreck, and it was the wrong sort of love. Slug doesn't look happy to hear that. She tells Slug that her and Steve are rock-solid. Becky leaves the room and Slug takes the opportunity to slip something into her purse. Oh, no, what now? That slimy slug! Steve sees Slug flirting all over Becky and runs over to give him a piece of his mind. This causes Steve and Becky to get into a spat as well. Steve apologizes. Becky says she doesn't fancy him. But she obviously likes the attention. All is forgiven, because Becky likes it when he gets jealous.

DC Hooch drives up and tells Slug to get in the car. It's a set-up! Slug tells DC Hooch that he did what he said and to leave him alone. I guess DC Hooch forced Slug into setting up Becky. Maybe Slug really did care about Becky. That DC Hooch is sumthin' else! Slug high-tails it out of the street while DC Hooch overlooks Becky and Steve kissing outside the Rovers.

Ashley spent the night at Peter's. Over at No. 13 Graeme looks cosy eating his cereal at Claire's kitchen table like they're bezzie mates. Ashley once again isn't happy to see Graeme in his house. Ashley tells that he's the boss, and to get to the shop. Graeme advises that Ashley give Claire some space.

It seems that Claire has locked Ashley out of the house. That's a bit much. Claire is inside trashing daddy to baby Freddy and ironing at the same time when she bends over and gets a sharp pain in her gut. She gasps her mid-section and falls to the floor unconcious, with the iron still on and her young child on the couch. Her timing is terrible.

Eileen isn't happy that Claire isn't at work, and calls her at home to tell her so. Lloyd decides to nip around to Claire's to see where she is. Lloyd gets no answer at the door so he looks in the window and sees Claire collapsed on the floor. Lloyd heroically kicks in the door and calls an ambulance. The little boy who plays Freddie is just adorable! Ashley runs when he sees Claire in an ambulance unconcious.

At the hospital, Ashley is worried about Claire and blames himself thinking she hurt herself on purpose. The doctor tells Ashley that Claire has a blood clot on her lungs. He also tells Ashley that Claire was pregnant, to which Ashley was NOT aware of. Unfortunately, due to the clot, Claire miscarried the baby. Claire is going into surgery to remove the clot. They say they'll do all they can to make sure Claire pulls through. Obviously, this devastates Ashley and leaves him sobbing Peter's arms. Poor Claire and Ashley! Haven't they been through enough?

Wow, this was a killer episode and really made up for Wednesday's! We had price scamming, secret riches, betrayal, unrequited love, a set-up, jealousy, a fight between spouses, a collapse, a rescue, an unknown pregnancy, a miscarriage, a blood clot and a surgery! Well done Corrie. Can't wait to see what's left for us on Monday!


Tracyluv said...

This whole episode was ruined for my by Clare's totally unreasonable behaviour. Why did Lloyd kick the door in when the butchers must be a stones throw and he could have run to get Ashley and the key. I couldnt care less about Clare and her "problems". Ramsay seems to be becoming a bit of a spare part, the "warring for no reason" is becoming a bin thin. The only good bit was Jack and Connie.

Yoork said...

Claire's attitude was unreasonable! And kicking in a door is simply more dramatic than getting a spare key I suppose.
I agree with you over Ramsay. The routine is getting old, and I'm really starting to side with Norris against him.

Tvor said...

Ashley had been locked out, though, she must have had an extra lock on the inside.


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