Thursday, 16 July 2009

Rita's not retiring - it's official

It must be a slow news week. The Sun is again reporting that another senior member of the cast of Coronation Street is "quitting the street". But it's not strictly true this time, either.

You may read that Rita is going to retire from the Kabin and it just won't be the same without her. My first thought was, "yeah, but she's not actually leaving the show, just retiring". Turns not that's not even true.

Ian Wylie at the Manchester Evening News confirms that it's just another of Rita's empty threats. She gets tired and thinks it's time to retire but doesn't end up actually doing it because although she does leave, she returns in about a month. These older cast members just keep on keeping on and lucky for us that they do!

ITV have also confirmed that the tabloid story is wrong.


Anonymous said...

I hate The Sun newspaper, they always get things wrong. Thanks for not repeating it like the other websites do.

Flaming Nora said...

I'd be really gutted if Rita really left the Street. She's my favourite character, ever.

Danny-K said...

Let's be coldly, clinically, and brutally honest here for a moment. I see no rhyme or reason for the existence of Rita's character these days. Just exactly what Raison d'ĂȘtre does her character have for engaging the viewer's interest?

It's almost criminal the way the this character's been allowed to fester. Look at Emily. They gave her Spider Nugent and that allowed her active storylines - and centre stage.

Whilst the Cabin fires on all cylinders with Norris around, the same can't be said for Rita. She just doesn't get into scrapes and fights. She's so well balanced and even, so, 'normal' that her character is in desperate need to react off the problems of others for any viewer interest.

- She needs, like Dev, some distant relative to descend in a state of emergency.

- Or she needs to make a silly, but serious mistake with her finances - a credit-crunch victim if you will.

- Or maybe she needs to suffer something like depression or even develop an extremely, and very serious illness. (The actors are suffering these left, right and centre in real life, but their characters are 100% immune on the cobbles of Corrie).

- OR even all three; anything to give her some viewer-interest and empathy.

She's fast becoming the invisible woman!

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