Sunday, 26 July 2009

Anne Kirkbride flees Spanish fires

Anne Kirkbride, who plays Coronation Street's Deirdre Barlow, was forced to flee her holiday villa in Spain after it was threatened by bush fires.
Raging wildfires have been sweeping through the country for the last few days, claiming the lives of six firefighters.

Anne was forced from her villa near Mojacar in the the south east of the country. An ITV spokeswoman said: "The fires in the region mean that Anne did have to leave for a while but she is now back in her villa."

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Yoork said...

lol. Oh poor Anne! At least she's back safe on her holiday in Spain! You know where I'm forced to flee? Everyday? My bed. To get to work. Enjoy your vacation Anne!

(In all seriousness though, it's tragic what happened to those lives in these fires and I truly hope Anne or anyone else isn't hurt.)

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