Sunday, 26 July 2009

This week's awards and best lines from Corrie

Deer in the Headlights: Ashley. I could hear a distinct "BUCK BUCK BUCKAWWW" in the background.

"Happy" Families award: Gold Star: The Barlows. That scene at Peter's alcoholics meeting was classic stuff. Airing the family dirty laundry, running rough shod over the recovering alcoholics. Blanche probably had the best day of her whole year, Ken got the best advice from a down and out fella with dirty fingernails and Deirdre got to humiliate Ken further.

Silver Star: The Connors. Mammy Connor mithering the life out of Maria over the baby and Tony. Tony pushing them all out the door, or trying to, but Maria had the honour of the final ejection.

Bronze Star: The Peacocks. Claire regains consciousness and Ashley tells her in the next breath that she lost the baby that she didn't know she was having. Claire is so terrified of a repeat of the Post Natal depression if she got pregnant again, that she's insisting on Ashley having the snip but he bottled it!

Tempest in a teapot: Gold Star The headlines screamed CLAIRE'S SUICIDAL! She wasn't at all, not really. Just upset, feeling both guilty, scared and a bit closed in back in her hospital room. Ashley went beserk, was far more upset than she was.

Silver Star: Norris. For all his whinging and moaning, he didn't have any trouble running around to all the cobblers trying to get fixed the shoes that he'd torn up.

Lines of the week:
Peter: "It's just a load of people sitting around in a circle talking about their problems." Blanche "Anything's better than Loose Women!" (and just about anything Blanche said in the meeting, too!)

Peter, after the fallout: "Whichever way you look at it, I'm screwed!"

Norris: "I'll just lie here slowly rotting away, shall I?" Emily: "If you like!"

Tony to Helen Connor: "Why don't you take your toxic tongue and your tubby hubby back to the land of Begorrah and BeJesus."


Glenda Young said...

I think the AA meeting with Blanche mouthing off was a wonderful scene, possibly one of Corrie's finest ever moments = and at the Rita Tushingham community centre too, great stuff.

Yoork said...

Oh, the Barlows! That is a pot that's boiled over! Deirdre is at her wits ends and Blanche, well, Blanche lives at Wits End.

Tony was a pure mix of evil yet charm this week. What a terrible, attractive man. lol.

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