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Thursday, 30 July 2009

State of the Street - July

It's that time of the month again. Time to rehash the stand-out bits of July. There's a new baby on the street, born in a beach hut. What's your theory behind the growing closeness of Tony and Maria? Is it real? or is it Memorex? How awful is Kevin's out-of-the-blue mid-life crisis? Me, I'm glad they got Molly out of the way for a couple of weeks, just so it wouldn't be in my face constantly. There's lies, lies and "damned lies" in the House of Peacock, there's a lot of flirting going on under the roof of Number 11 and Psycho Dave is back!
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Serenity said...

I could write an entire blog post on this Tony/Maria thing.

Being in Canada, I'm only caught up on the current story because of this blog and Glenda's weekly updates, but I missed something in there. Is it just me, or did Maria go from viciously accusing Tony of killing Liam Sr. and then suddenly she warmed to him? It didn't seem like there was a slow turn around, it seemed like a flash to me.

Right now, we're approaching Liam's death, I watch the online episodes, so I'm actually a full week behind what Canada has aired (isn't it awful?), but it seems to me that Tony pities Maria. I mean, he can't dislike her right? She's just as much a "victim" or Liam and Carla's tryst as he is. So, I think he feels for her in that sense.

He's a creep, but I don't think he would've killed Liam if he knew Maria was pregnant. Feels like all this right now is spurred on by horrendous guilty feelings. But, he's been spending lots of time with her, perhaps he's actually developing feelings.

Another part of me believes he's doing this to keep her sweet because really... she did figure out it was him. And I think she knows it, deep down, but she's supressing it because sometimes the lie is easier to believe.

Not looking forward to being subjected to Molly and Kevin. This storyline makes me ill. It doesn't feel right at all. Kevin would NOT do that to Tyrone and Molly seemed more decent than that to me. It's icky, icky, icky.

Anonymous said...

I also just don't get the Molly and Kevin tryst.

She's only been married to Tyrone for five minutes and surely she wouldn't be tempted to play away with a man old enough to be her father?. I mean boring old Kevin Webster, the 'grease monkey' - where's the appeal in that?

Also wasn't it only a few short months ago that Molly was chastising Tyrone and bemoaning the 'lack of trust' in their relationship when he decided to go behind her back to assist Auntie Pam in raising funds for their wedding?

I hate to say it but it all seems horribly out of character to me!

Banimon said...

Personally i'm loving Tony and Marias blossoming relationship which soon will be fully blossomed :) But Kevin and Molly is disgusting, disgraceful and utterly unbeleivable it just shows how down hill corrie is going :( But let us all remember not too blame it on the script writers as EE fans have been doing because its clearly Kim Crowthers fault.
Sorry if anyone had different opinions and you feel upset with what i've written. No hard feelings :)

Tvor said...

I believe that Tony never would have had Liam killed if he'd known that Maria was pregnant and he was horrified to find out, at the scene of the accident that she was. I think Tony wants his own little family unit and did what he had to do to make sure Carla married him. Now, yes, i think he initially started to suck up to Maria to sway her away from her accusations. She started to warm to him after she found him visiting Liam's grave one night and she started to think maybe he wasn't all that bad after all. I also think that delivering the baby made a huge impact on Tony. Maybe as if it absolved some small piece of his guilt. He killed LIam but helped Liam's baby be born. I think it was an emotional moment for Tony and perhaps his feelings are starting to turn a bit though it's probably more to do with the baby and the family than it is real love for Maria.

As for Molly, she was never all that sympathetic a character when she first came on. She went after Kirk to get revenge on Fiz for bullying her at school, she also pursued Tyrone when he was with Maria. She seemed happy enough with Tyrone but the minute she found out that Kevin had a crush on her, a little light went on in her head and she seems to want that little bit of excitement and danger. I don't really think it's that much out of character for her. But it's highly hypocritical for Kevin and very disloyal.

Anonymous said...

So, Maria and baby Liam are going to Ireland to visit the in-laws from hell (incidentally, has Maria noticed she has a different mother-in-law from a few months ago?).

Exactly how is Maria going to smuggle baby Liam into Ireland? Sure as eggs is eggs, I bet she hasn't got a passport for him!!


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