Thursday, 23 July 2009

Who will Nick's pick be?

With the news that Nick Tilsley looks set to return to Coronation Street, the first thing I thought was: "Who will be his love interest?"

He's sure to be good looking and there is no shortage of beautiful women to chase on the cobbles. I have speculated on just that subject and to see who I think might be the one he'll end up with, read over here.


Anonymous said...

Oh god, another talentless person who thinks they can act.

Corrie, please keep the good actors in and get rid of the dross - some of whom have been in the Street for far too long.

You have superb actors who are wasted with ridiculous storylines and you seem to give the same 10 or so characters, most of which are rubbish, all the good lines and scenes.

Come on producers, sort it out.

Flaming Nora said...

I want him to be Deirdre's toy boy.

Tvor said...

Oh, now. Anonymous, it's not Adam Rickett coming back, it'll be a new face. Who knows, we might get lucky with someone talented!

Deirdre's toyboy? bwahahahaha!

Tracyluv said...

Why is Adam Rickett not coming back? Cant be busy with his pop career surely. It would make sense for Nick to come back at some time, Gail does have another son apart from Demon and we havent seen or heard of him for ages.

Tvor said...

As i wrote, Adam is in New Zealand acting in a soap there, Shortland Street

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