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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Coronation Street Weekly Update, May 5 2008

Greetings and welcome to another weekly update. Th’update is late this week as it’s been a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK and I’ve been away having fun. I’ve just returned today, caught up with Corrie, the washing’s on and the tea’s made so here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

It’s been a sad old week on the Street this week so to get the main story over and done with, I’ll start with poor Maria and her stillborn baby. Over the years I’ve cried a few times at Corrie when stories have struck a nerve or I’ve been that wrapped up in a character’s dilemma, and even though I’ve never particularly enjoyed the character of Maria in Corrie, my eyes filled with tears when she had to give ‘birth’ to her dead baby boy. She didn’t tell anyone, especially not Liam, what happened and took refuge in Audrey’s posh house on Grasmere Drive, it’s all very bay window. Fortunately, it also had a spare room and Audrey gets the news out of Maria, sob by tearful, heart-rending sob. With Maria holed up in Audrey’s house out of Liam’s reach, she knows that as soon as he finds out the bad baby news, he’ll have no reason to stay by her side. Maria knew, deep in her heart (look, I know it’s only telly but let me have a waffle) anyway, where was I? oh yes, Maria knew deep in her heart that Liam doesn’t love her as much as she’d like him to. And it’ll be Carla that’ll be consoling Liam when she finds out what’s happened to baby boy Connor.

So that’s the sad part over and done with and the update returns to its normal flippant tone, so stick the kettle on and fasten your cushion to the sofa, ‘cos we’re off.

Gail’s intrigued, nay shocked and stunned, when Audrey tells her that she’s met up with Ted Paige. Gail knows that Ted’s her dad but has never met him before and she starts to wonder just what her mum’s up to. Bill’s of much the same mind and he and Gail collude and confide about Audrey’s man malarkey.

Over at the bookies, Paul storms in wearing that face that he does, the one that makes him look like he’s just about to fart.

He’s furious when he finds out that the cops are taking no further action against Leanne and feckless Dan Mason and storms out again, probably to pass wind. Mind you, Leanne might have got off scot-free from the cops but she’s given a strong word or two from Janice who throws her out of the flat. “Sling yer hook, ladeh,” Janice said, in a roundabout way and Leanne slings it as far as Dan’s flat where she sinks her hooks in deep.

The wonderful Vernon left on his cruise without Liz this week, she told him she couldn’t leave the Rovers when she really couldn’t bear to go. So while Vernon bashes out his premature paradiddle on the high seas, landlubber Liz gets chatted up by Harry the bookie in the bar.

Meanwhile, Claire succumbs to reading too much Daily Mail and suffers her very own consumer credit crunch. Apparently, this two-income couple who have no mortgage as Fred left them his house and who run the only butcher shop this side of Weatherfield are on the brink of financial ruin. She tells Ashley they’ll have to downsize their life and wants to move to a smaller, cheaper, tattier house. As luck would have it, Sally Webster has the house of Claire’s dreams and suggests doing a swap. But Sally’s plans to get Kev to move to the Peacock’s house come a cropper when he tells her he’s happy where he is and he doesn’t want to move. Ah but he does, he just doesn’t know it yet.

And finally, there could be trouble in store for Fiz when Kirk’s girlfriend Julie starts to take over in the house, getting the boys to wear serviettes as they sit down to tea. “It’s not a serviette, it’s a napkin,” explains Julie as Chesney tries to cope with a telephone call from Les who says he’s not coming back for at least another year. Oh good.

And that’s just about that for this week.

There were only two Coronation Street writers this week; Julie Jones wrote two episodes and Lucy Gannon wrote three.

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Julie Morgan said...

Thanks for the Corrie updates. Very interesting, incase anyone missed it. Have a look at our little Coronation Street Shop.

Thanks again.

Glenda Young said...

What's the URL for your Coronation Street Shop? I'll give you a mention in the blog if you can let me know. Thanks!


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