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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Coronation Street Weekly Update, May 19 2008

The trouble with going out on a Monday night is that your update gets written later in the week than usual. But at least it’s here, a little late I admit, but it’s here. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

When Rob James-Collier accepted the award for Sexiest Male at the British Soap Awards t’other week, he let it be known to the viewers that he wants to be recognised for His Acting, rather than for being just a pretty face. And indeed there is more to him, of course. That’s why the first four words in my notebook this week were these: Liam in his pants. Anyway, Liam in his pants, his trousers and his jumper registered the death of baby Paul with Maria this week. Maria’s hoping to try again with Liam but he had other things on his mind after he got jiggy with Carla last week. As Liam kissed Carla on the doormat the morning after the night before, Rosie Webster filmed the kiss on her phone. Carla reckons she knew what Rosie was up to and tries to buy her silence with a great big, fat handbag. It keeps Rosie quiet, for now. But Carla Connor will need more than handbags and glad rags to keep the smile on her face after Liam told her he was going back to Maria. With their cases packed and Ozzy the dog bundled into the back of the car, they set off on their jollies leaving Carla on the cobbles and the evidence of Carla’s kiss inside Rosie’s fobile moan.

Gail had the biggest smile and one of the best storylines this week as she got to know more about her long lost dad. He’s slotted in so well onto the Street, it feels like Ted Paige has been a part of the cobbles forever, like an old rover’s returned. And just when it’s getting cosy and Gail’s happy, Ted’s happy and Tina’s moved into David’s spare room, Gail goes and spoils it all by inviting Ted to visit David in the big house. David meets his gay granddad and both men seem pleased to make th’acquaintance of t’other but after the visit, Ted makes his excuses and leaves Gail and the Street just as Audrey was honing in like a cruise missile for a bit of attention from Ted.

Along the street, Fiz is having problems trying not to knock ten bells out of Kirk’s annoyingly chirpy girlfriend, Julie Carp. Julie just wants to help, bless her, but helping Chesney and looking after Kirkeh has been such a big part of Fiz’s life for the last few years that she’s not going to give it up easy. And Customer Services Manager Julie “babe slash career woman slash people person” Carp reckons Fiz is just jealous of her and her Kirkeh.

In the pub, Deirdre quizzes Liz about her intentions towards Harry, pointing out that Betty seems to think there’s summat going on between the pair of ‘em. “Ah, that’s just Betty,” muses Liz. “She’s always does put two and two together - and meks hot pot.” But there is no denying a definite spark between the bookie and the barmaid and Liz gets dolled up to the nines when Harry offers her his beef dish in the flat. All 50 years of Liz McDonald wobbled over the cobbles to Harry’s flat on high heels, with her skirt up to there and her top down to there, she rings the door bell and then runs away. As Liz walks back into the pub with her bits out all over the place, Lloyd’s having a smoke in the back yard of the pub and can’t quite believe his eyes when Liz’s flesh flashes past. She covers herself up and heads back to Harry’s, this time enjoying his company and eats his beef dish but pulls away when he draws in for a kiss. Meanwhile, Harry’s soon to be ex-wife Clarissa turned up on the Street demanding more cash in their divorce settlement. She’s a red head in a red dress which is never a good sign, and Harry would be wise to think on and pay heed.

Also in the pub, Michelle wasn’t best pleased to return from Ireland to find Leanne in her nighty working behind the bar. The two women glare at each other, they try to ignore each other until finally they call a truce. Steve watches it all, bemused, wearing one of those faces that he's got.

At the Duckie’s, Jack agrees with Molly that Vera’s blue and yellow cladding should come down off the front of the house, although Tyrone tries to keep it. They get a man in who gives them a price for taking the cladding off. It’s the end of an era, it really is.

There’s moving malarkey between the Websters’ and the Peacocks’ as Claire demands more cash from Sally and Kev for the house sale. A deal is made then broken when Sally gets the survey report on Claire’s house which says there’s more to pay if the conservatory’s got subsidence. Sally and Claire have a right argy-bargy. “If is a very big word,” argues Claire. “It’s not as big as subsidence” gloats Sally.

And finally this week, Becky and Jason make a night of it with cheap cider and pizza in Roy’s flat. Roy’s confused by it all and tries to talk to Jason, who’s almost (but not quite) as confused as Roy about the boat he’s in with Becky. Bless him, Roy had been out to an evening of amateur footage of Gresley A4 Pacifics. How much more excitement can a man take?

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Stephen Bennett, Carmel Morgan, Jan McVerry, Martin Allen and Mark Burt.

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Tvor said...

On a related note, this made me laugh. Can you say "cut off your nose to spite your (pretty) face"?

Glenda Young said...

What an odd man.


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