Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Ex-Corrie writer starts work on US Soap

There's an interesting comment here on the Soap Opera Network site in the US. It says ex-Coronation Street writer Daran Little has been hired as a creative consultant on the daytime US soap All My Children.

If it's true, Daran would be taking the Mancs to the Yanks. It might just work.


Tvor said...

even more, a proper writer actually. Rumour also has it that he scabbed during the recent writers' strike in the US but i don't know. I do know that Daran has always loved Corrie history so if he pulls in the history of All my Children then the fans are going to be very happy. Indeed, old fan favourite characters have already made regular or cameo comebacks in the last few months so if that's some of his influence, i might even start taping it again.

Flaming Nora said...

I'd also seen the rumour that he was a writer on AMC but couldn't find anyting to substantiate it. Thanks for your input Tvor, it'd be interesting to see if you can see his influence on future episodes!

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