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Thursday 10 June 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 9th of June 7.30 & 8.30

Dev’s love life, or lack of it, has always been a constant source of Corrie humour, drama, and life lessons. In his 20+ years, Devendra’s loins and lothario ways have seldom seen less action than in the last year or so. I think Julie Carp was his last relationship and she left the street years ago!

Anyway, aside from Sharon's subterfuge a few weeks back, Dev’s loins have laid pretty much dormant. This past week however has seen the shopkeeper spend more time with his loud-mouthed employee, Bernie. Also a parent of twins, I wonder if that is the only thing they have in common, or could romance bring these comedy characters together and a new love life for Devendra?

Tonight, Dev and Bernie find themselves at The Bistro on a ‘date’ having been thrown together following a wind-up from Adi. Evelyn is as caustic as ever and the fake news fools neither of them. However, as the wine flows, the fake couple bond, sharing horror stories of past relationships. Having decided to head back to Dev’s for more wine (a ruse to wind up Adi even further) the joke seems to be on them as we soon learn some afternoon delight has occurred. Later, Dev tells Bernie that them sleeping together was a mistake, which Bernie handles badly, until a repeat performance later in the day! Meanwhile, Asha and Nina talk about the attack, and Nina blames herself, feeling undue guilt for Seb’s murder. She doesn't mourn her goth image but it’s clear she’s missing Seb. 

Talking of which, Tyrone and Alina’s dubious coupling is wearing thin on Emma. Alina’s massive couple picture of the two of them screams ‘bunny boiler’ to me, so I imagine this story still has much leverage. The amorous couple is causing sleep deprivation for Emma, but that’s the least of her worries when a staff meeting at The Rovers Return reveals the news of the pub's proposed sale. Is this the end of an era, a massive change coming to the street, or will Rita buy it for Jenny? I’d guess the latter but interested to see what happens next! 

Meanwhile, Hope is playing up again and gets picked up from school by Alina, what with Fiz being in the pub with her phone off! Seeing Ronnie’s flash car leave the garage, the little tyke deliberately decides to step out into the path of the vehicle. Hope is unharmed luckily, but the damage to her parents' relationship is exactly what she would have wanted. The adults argue and Alina is immediately banned for having any access to the girls. 

Battle lines have been drawn now, and Fiz consults Adam for legal advice. Deterring Fiz from taking legal action, she decides to ban Tyrone from seeing the girls too. Evelyn sides with Fiz and talks some sense, of course. Ty takes nothing lying down and grabs cash from a joint account for a lawyer? 

I don't know about battle lines being drawn. It looks like an all-out war!

Elsewhere in tonight’s episodes; Maria tells Fiz that Peter’s transplant was a success. Carla asks for more time off from Underworld, only for Sarah to sack her! Carol goes back to Daisy for more Double Glammy stock and Sean is not impressed. Daisy uses a charm offensive and coaxes him into agreeing to use Carol as a rep. 

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coconno196 said...

Dev and Bernie - eeugh! Plus I am amazed they were still conscious after the wine they glugged over brunch and the two bottles they took home. As someone else said, Dev and Debbie would be a better match.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Dev have an affair with Sally's sister Gina, the nice lady who was bi-polar. If I remember correctly Dev had a hard time dealing with her illness, and that's why they broke up.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I don't think it's a great romance.
They are single and available at the moment, so it was an opportunity for both of them.
It's a bit shallow, but if neither of them want a serious relationship, then fair enough!
I'd like to see Debbie Webster with a love interest.
I can see the Tylina/ Fizz situation with the kids becoming tedious. But this is what some people go through, so I suppose they need to portray it.
I reckon Ty will become fed- up of Alina when he learns that, according to her, all the answers to problems are solved in the bedroom. The novelty's already wearing off - good!

Anonymous said...

Fiz has no right to ban Tyrone from seeing Ruby who is hir daughter not hers and therefore a form of kidnapping!
Has Fiz forgotten a few weeks ago that Hope almost broke her cousin's arm?
Although I'm no fan of Alina's,Fiz is an idiot to believe her daughter over Alina and frankly her actions make me cheer for Tyrone,

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd missed an episode. In the immediate aftermath of undergoing a liver transplant and Peter doesn't even feature in the episode! I wasn't a huge fan of Peter's storyline but come on it deserved better than that damp squib of an ending! Oh well, at least there was lots of Sean, Daisy, Tyrone and Alina - because they're the characters we all watch for, right?


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