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Thursday, 3 June 2021

Corrie Blog reviews Colson Smith’s ‘Bored Of Being The Fat Kid’

As the first Coronavirus lockdown took its grip of the nation in early 2020, Coronation Street gave us an online treat and feel good fun when Corrie’s Craig Tinker Aka Colson Smith presented the 10-part YouTube series, ‘Corrie Good News' sharing fan pictures, tweets, artwork, interviews, and general praise for the show. Colson’s cheeky-chappie persona and natural chemistry with the online audience worked wonders in cheering us all up and alleviating some boredom. 

During this time it was noticed that Colson had shed some weight and was looking visibly different. The actor shared images online in June 2020 of his fitness regime with the subsequent online column inches and TV interviews praising his success. Whilst filming was halted for Corrie, I assumed Colson had hit a fitness regime upon lockdown in March (remember Joe Wicks!)  but it seems he started as early as January 2020. Like all of us, he had no idea that Covid-19 was about to ravage the planet, so this candid and soul-bearing video diary/documentary journey ‘ Bored Of Being The Fat Kid’  is all the more impressive. I mean, we all had ideas didn't we, at the start of lockdown, but I wonder how many people did something about it? 

Premiering on June 2nd via Youtube, ‘Bored Of Being The Fat Kid’  is directed by TV director Tim Royle  (Coronation Street and Emmerdale) and Colson is interviewed on film by his Corrie co-star Ben Price (Nick Tilsley). The film's synopsis written by Colson explains more; 

'Originally I planned on just watching this film alone in my bedroom one day and almost saying ‘Well Done Colson’ but now I feel I have the chance to maybe help someone else who was in the same position as me.
The documentary is all about my experiences with running, Food, Fitness & weight loss. 

The reason I decided to made the film is it’s my chance to tell my truth in my way. In the past 14 months, I've learnt so much about myself, most of this learnt while wearing my trainers and pounding the pavement. 

Back in January 2020, I thought it would be a good idea to start documenting some of my days in order to keep motivated and to look back on one day. 12 months later we started putting that together to make a short film; Bored Of Being The Fat Kid'

The film's director Tim Royle. Pic @whitenosugartv

So is it any good? 

In an image-led industry, where it’s more noticeable when women lose weight, Colson putting his head above the parapet is certainly admirable and gives a fresh and insightful narrative. Taking Craig Tinker’s fictional drive to use weight as grounding, Colson takes us on his off-screen journey of losing weight, how he broke acting as the ‘fat ginger kid’ aged 11 and how social media trolling made him change his whole image, aged 22. 

At 17 he went on a diet for the NTA’s, with some success, but then immediately returned to unhealthy takeaways, and in this film, Colson addresses his relationship with food and the regaining of control. Acquiring a life coach, the actor initially weighed 22 stone, and by changing his diet and incorporating a fitness regime, the effects soon became apparent. Although lockdown could have been a curveball, and a perfect excuse to stop, Colson started running, and lost an initial 5 stone, before further weight dropped off. 

Being naturally thin and short myself, I’ve never knowingly had a weight problem (although thin people do get them) however, as a former boozer ( I quit drinking having been inspired by Peter Barlow’s relapse) the self-improvement, self-reflection and that need to change, is instantly recognisable, relatable, and very familiar. I’d imagine ITV must be looking at making a full-length version of this short film, but in the meantime, 11 minutes is a perfectly palatable length!

Colson cheered us all up with Corrie Good News, and with his latest film ‘Bored Of Being The Fat Kid’. he’s done it again! Well done, Colson, this is a very inspiring film! 

Watch it the film HERE

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