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Friday 18 June 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Thurs 17th June 9 pm

Why anyone would want to watch 90 minutes of blokes kicking a ball around is beyond me, but here we are. With the schedules all akimbo for the next few weeks, I shall be writing episode reviews that are nearest to Wednesday and shan’t be watching any of that en-ger-land guff. That is of course unless Weatherfield County qualifies and then I’m watching Tommy O score for England. That’s how it works, right? 

That said, it appears that County’s star striker is otherwise busy representing Corey to his agent. Corey may have criminal charges hanging over his head but there's still time for his footy skills to be recognised, which is exactly how football works in the real world!

Preparing for a factory presentation, Nina is still visibly grief-stricken, slightly hungover, and the young designer is struggling to get a grip of reality. Using alcohol as a coping mechanism is a well-worn soap trope but it certainly helps convey the awfulness of her situation. Nina has given up; hitting the self-destruct button, walking out of Underworld, and daytime drinking with a random slimy older man in The Rovers. Her behaviour doesn't go unnoticed by Daisy nor Abi and Daisy explains that Nina has left with the Irishman and gone back to his hotel (Debbie Webster’s gaff). Abi is riled by this and also heads to the hotel.

Meanwhile, Nina bumps into Corey and Tommy O who are there to chat with the football agent. Thinking she wants a selfie, Nina drunkenly confronts the hooligan and tells the agent and player all about the attack. Abi soon arrives to try and make Nina see sense, and the girl soon sobs at her loss of control. Back at Roys Rolls, Abi apologises for past behaviour and it's clear these two are sharing common ground. Later, Corey tries banging the door down at Roys Rolls and confronts Nina while mouthing off at her. Roy comes out and tells Corey he’s breaking bail conditions and the police soon arrive.  

Tyrone has truly hit a mid-life crisis peak now, hasn't he? I think it’s clear that’s where this story is heading. With Emma arranging a girls cocktail night at The Bistro to support Curtis, Maria rallies around the ladies but unfortunately, no one told Fiz that, and Alina and Tyrone soon turn up. Awkward animosity aside, Ty is visibly struggling with his toy girl's youthful culture but still finds time to confront Fiz. Maria rips him over his ridiculous skinny jeans and velvet shirt. 

Summer’s studying problems are causing Billy to worry so the student arranges a facetime with Dr. Gaddas. Buckling under the pressure of exams and Seb’s death, the Dr diagnoses stress and refers her to counselling, but is that the problem?

Nick, Leanne, and Simon have arrived home and are struggling to adjust to life back in Weatherfield. Still looking to change their statements, the police pay a visit and Leanne denies all knowledge of any pressure from Harvey or his gang. Can a few more drug casualties help change her mind? Leanne explains all to Nick and it’s clear the pressure is getting to her. In prison, Harvey is questioned by the police about suspected witness intimidation and is warned about tampering with the upcoming trial. Leanne later tells Nick that she isn't going to change her statement. Harvey is soon on the phone with Sharon, telling her to heap more pressure on Leanne, but by doing things differently this time. 

Elsewhere in tonight’s episodes; Gemma and Chesney have a BSL lesson for Aled and with the cochlear implant issue clouding over the couple, he (predictably) misses the appointment. With 5 kids and numerous work hours, the pressures also seem to be increasing for this couple too! 


The schedules may be all akimbo but Corrie is definitely still better than Any football match!

Another fantastic episode; well written, well played, and well-executed. A strong back four of Abi, Roy, Nina, and Leanne. Roy scores a winner in the last minute of the episode.  

Back of the net! 

@rybazoxo  your cobbles connoisseur who's definitely not a football fan.

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Anonymous said...

It is sad but most of my friends has a better relationship with their mothers because they can sign. I think it will be interesting to watch Chesney and Aled's relationship.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ryan. I have to disagree. I love football. I love Corrie. It's a win win situation for me. Best of both worlds

Anonymous said...

You can tell this Tyrone-Alina relationship won't last. It was awks at that table but it's great to see that how different both generations are. I wonder if K's death will start bringing the family back together....

Tamar said...

Ks death? Who is K?

Anonymous said...

Kirstie. Ruby's mum.


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