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Friday 25 June 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 25 June

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

Tyrone has an accident while alone at the garage as he manages to get himself trapped under his massive impractical midlife crisis motorbike. Unfortunately, the first person to find him is Fiz who thinks a potentially crushed leg is amusing and decides to take a photo of him. Unsurprisingly this doesn’t do much to improve their relations so Ty decides to book them in for a lunchtime meeting with a mediator. Despite being marginally better than Toyah at mediating, she can’t stop the pair sniping at each other, especially when Ty rolls up his trouser leg to reveal his new ‘T&A’ tattoo. 

At the Rovers, Daisy persuades Jenny that she should get a mortgage to buy the pub. Jenny is sceptical, but when Daisy returns from the bank having secured a loan for the deposit based on her Double-Glammy earnings she allows herself to get excited. 

It’s all a bit premature as Sean has found a conscience in the Primark bargain bin and has decided to expose Double-Glammy by getting Daniel to write an article for the Gazette. As it’s Sean he has to make sure he has an audience for his good deed so Gemma and Carol are summoned to the Bistro so that he can tell them what an amazing human being he is now that he’s decided not to rip them off anymore.

Daisy is, of course, furious. Finding Daniel typing away in the Bistro she suggests he interview her for a counter-opinion. But, showing that he is Ken’s son after all, he’s pretty condescending and tells her she’s too late as the article has already been published online. I think I’ve worked out that Daisy might be here to take on the mantle of Street Bitch since Tracy has been mellowed by finally snaring Steve? If so, I’m all for it. I just hope she doesn’t have to bed Dev. He’s getting on a bit now and I wouldn’t want him to pop a hip.

Meanwhile Sharon continues to manipulate Rita. Harvey has been found guilty but Shazza reckons that he can still get to her and she’ll be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life. Rita tells her she will go to the bank and get her £10k so that she can make a fresh start. On her way to the bank, she bumps into Jenny who tries to talk her out of it (oh why will no one listen to Jenny?) but Reet seems pretty determined. But when she returns it seems like maybe some of Jenny’s warnings have struck a chord as she stalls a desperate Sharon, dangles the cash in front of her and then finally tells her she won’t give it to her as she wants her to prove that she has changed. Ooh that’s cold Reet. Ice cold. Sharon slopes off to the tram, money-less and sadly dragging a suitcase. Is this the last we’ll see of her? Surely not?

In other news, it’s Steve’s birthday but being a good egg, he cancels his birthday meal, sorts out Emma and Curtis’ mixed messages and sets them up on a date at the Bistro. 

Tyrone’s bad day continues, as a policeman turns up on his doorstep to tell him that his violent ex Kirsty is dead. Rather sweetly, he goes immediately to Fiz because he doesn’t know who else to turn to and probably because Alina would be useless and just come out with some terrible millennial quote like: “The worst part of being strong is that no one asks if you’re okay”. Fiz puts their conflict aside and tells him she’ll help him to talk to Ruby. He’s about to have another shock as in the flat Alina admits to Emma that she might be pregnant. This, I’m afraid dear readers, made me shout at the television “For the love of god can no one in Weatherfield use contraception??!!” For this I can only apologise to my neighbours and promise that I will bite down on something next week, as yet another unexpected pregnancy storyline unfolds.

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popcorn said...

OMG - Alina pregnant? Are the storyliners at Corrie completely and utterly devoid of imagination? Why are we hearing this story over - and over - and over?

Louby said...

Tracy was horrible, with a personality, but Daisy is just horrible. I'm so glad the Double Glammy thing is on its way out. I suspect that it will be Ronnie who steps in with the money for the pub now?

Agree about the pregnancy thing. "TA" are such an unbelievable couple, Fizz might be a miserable nag but her and Tyrone just seem right for each other. There's plenty of time to reconcile them though.

Pat said...

Rita seems to have an awful lot of money from running a newsagents. I know she might have got money left to her by her late husbands but she’s been giving money away for at least 30 years I’m surprised she has got any left.

Anonymous said...

She didn't give the money away yesterday. She kept it. Sharon gave her back the 10K when she returned.
Rita doesn't run the newsagent she sold it to Norris. Hence her money. She just works there. No need to worry about her bank balance


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