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Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Tuesday 29th June

I'm disappointed that Kirsty has been killed off - it would be an interesting addition to the Tylina/Fiz storyline if she turned up demand custody, but I imagine Natalie Gumede is a little busy nowadays. Anyway, Kirsty has carked it and Ruby must be told. Fiz helps with this and also the funeral arrangements and we see how a young (and hot) thing may turn your head but it's the people who've known you forever that will help you; all the Live Laugh Love posters, T&A tats and really quite appalling couple photos won't change that. 

As well as death, Tyrone's got birth on his plate because no-one on the street knows how birth control works. Were they all bunking off on the condom-on-a-banana day? Alina tells him she's up the duff and it's kind of amusing that Ty wanted to get away from all the domestic bliss and to have some fun, and now he's back into the domesticity. Evelyn discovers the truth and chews him out, but in the end Ty says he's happy that Alina is in the family way.


James has a meeting with WCFC's manager, which he's worried about, but the pow-wow is actually to tell him that Thomas Orpington is retiring. No! Not Tommy O! What about the calendar? What will Tim got Steve for Christmas now? The most pertinent question is who will replace him in the number 9 shirt? Well, it's not Corey. James has more good news as Weatherfield's only chef-slash-builder, Danny, is back. As previously noted, I was hoping for James to get together with Paul, but I'm not against Danny, not at all, not with that cutie-pie grin (above) anyway. They have lunch and Danny says he's moving abroad but that James means a lot to him. James says that if anything happened between them, it would have to be secret and so Danny walks off. Two lads take pics of them, so I guess that's Wednesday's storyline.

Meanwhile, Daisy needs to get some money to pay off the loan (that I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to take out as a mortgage deposit) so she takes Sean off the rota and adds her name instead. If that winds up Sean, so much the better. After a shaky (or rather a pouty) start, I'm liking Daisy, particularly her relationship with Jenny Bradley, which is very much like Jenny's daughterly relationship with Rita, back in t'day. Daisy is not an out and out evil bitch, but quite the self-centred minx and all soaps need one of them.

Anyhoo, Emma finds out and points out that Sean has t'hotpot recipe, although it turns out that they've been using the internet recipe and are only telling Daisy this to get Sean back behind the bar. Gemma and Emma stage a walk-out, which leads to Jenny shouting at everyone and Sean getting his shifts back. Ee, it was just like the old days with Betty storming out every other episode. The upshot is that Jenny will pay back the loan but she will be the sole owner, or Queen Of The Rovers, as Ronnie puts it, her rightful place!

By the way, I know everyone hates Sean, but I enjoyed his scenes last week - it's good for him to have a storyline that lets him shine in his general campy self importance and he always delivers Jonathan Harvey's dialogue - the recent "Get me lallies up on a leatherette La-Z-Boy" was a recent delight.

In the minor storylines, David plots to get Nick to see Sam and the community centre is being repossessed by the bank, so it's probably going to be a hipster bar or coffee shop. Cereal cafe?

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Dave Mitten said...

Love your review, as always x Got to disagree with you about Daisy though. Tracy Barlow is *all* the ‘self -centred minx’ we already have in Corrie thank you x

popcorn said...

Can't be a cafe - Costa wouldn't allow it!

Pat said...

I disagree about Daisy. She is just a self centred nasty piece of work.
Natasha really has no control over Sam at all. The way he spoke to her was so condescending. If he behaves like that now, what is he going to be like when he’s a teenager?

Rachel Stevenson said...

Thanks Dave. Would like to see Daisy go up against Tracyluv!


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