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Monday, 21 June 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 21st June

I'm once again watching on the hub: I had my second jab today and I expect to be asleep by the time the cornet starts the Corrie theme tune on live TV.

So once again my two favourite things on t'cobbles: gangsters and issues. Which shall we take first? OK, let's go with gangsters. Everyone's favourite chain-smoker, Shazza Bentley, turns up at Rita's flat with a black eye and a split nose and then tries to rinse her for ten grand. Rita says she'll ring the bank, from the bedroom. Jenny is suspicious and lets herself in with her spare key and discovers Sharon just before the police do to cart her off to chokey.

Nick tells Natasha that she and Sam should disappear for safety's sake. The United Nations of Gail thinks that Nick should disappear as well, or at least dump Leanne. To be honest, Natasha knew what Weatherfield was like when she came back, she should have expected a little bit of drama.

Now, issues:

It's not a great start to, or for, Summer as Shona asks her if she has an eating disorder, she then faints, is taken to hospital, told she has diabetes and will have to do four injections per day. Let's hope li'l ol' Summer doesn't go the same way as Katy Harris. Tidemark Todd a.k.a "Joan Rivers with a pulse" (yep, this is a Jonathan Harvey episode) and Billy The Vic row in the street about their daughter, but they both fetch up at Kate Oates Memorial to be there for Summer in her (half) hour of need.

Meanwhile, in Sean's show, three people turn up to his Double Glammy symposium-slash-pyramid scheme. Well four, although one of them is Carol, saying she hasn't sold any mascara or even lip liner and is behind on her rent. Sean "pings" her £50 and then tells one of the DG delegates that she is one of his charity cases.

Finally: an excuse to post a pic of Curtis (whom I don't definitely don't fancy - he is 27 years younger than me) and the lovely Emma flirt in t'Bistro about donkeys until Tracy tells her to cool it and play harder to get. To be honest, I wouldn't really take relationship advice from someone who murdered her boyfriend, went out with another murderer, slept with two brothers in the same week, got her own back on a lover who also, um, entertained her mother, by posting a naked pic of him on a billboard, stalked her ex-husband, and lots of other stuff from Corriepedia.

Talking of nascent love affairs, Summer admits that she likes boys in nail varnish and guyliner and Aadi takes note - perhaps he should go along to the Double Glammy convention? I guess Summer has forgotten all about her flirtation with Eli but then again, I guess it's hard to have a romance when one party is banged up in young offenders and the other is in hospital.

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Anonymous said...

Funny,I don't remember Gail telling Sarah to dump her drug dealer boyfriend Callum when he was giving David a hard time.
Gail even befriended Callum's mum during the custody hearing for Max but now she expects Nick to dump Leanne who's about to testify against Harvey?!
What a hyporcrite Gail is!

Anonymous said...

Maybe THIS is why she told Nick, she learnt from the experience?

CK said...

I agree!! Also she hasn't interfered in Nick's life or told him what to do? Ummm isn't that what she's doing now?


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