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Monday, 7 June 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 4 June 2021

Good evening, I am back from my holidays and have finally caught up with the events on the Street - a short update tonight as we only had half an hour from Weatherfield after Britain's Got Talent sorry something about masks.

Drugging Corey had little effect and he came round to find Asha checking his phobile.  Abi and Nina have decided that Asha must be at risk and arrive in the apartment as Corey stumbles around.  Corey repeats the story that he tried to help Seb - he dives out of the door, slips and falls down a flight of stairs (above).  Nina wants to desert him - but it is the middle of the day.  Abi and Asha take the other view and eventually an ambulance is summoned.  Asha retains the phone and with a more detailed look later it seems that Corey returned to the scene of the crime, according to a tracking app.

In Underworld Sarah and Carla are having a right old slanging match as Carla is critical of Sarah's determination that Uncle Adam will not help Peter with a partial liver donation.  Carla thinks that Adam has his whole future ahead of him, I think Sarah interpreted that as giving her another bonking opportunity.  Sarah is convinced that if Peter does get a new liver he will simply drink that one down the pan in a few years.  Carla tries to end the argument by saying that if Peter does die then she will not regret sleeping with Adam.  She goes on to add that Adam still feels he is playing second fiddle to Gary Windass.  Sarah reminds Carla of Tina and manages to get the last word.  

Ronnie tells Johnny his side of the affair.  Johnny refuses to hit him - he is ill.  Ronnie still wants to br friends with Johnny - the latter laughs.  Johnny returns to the Rovers and reports on his civilised exchange with Ronnie.  Apparently it was all Scott's fault.  Johnny carries on complaining about Jenny - saying she never checks "best before" dates!  They argue.  He mentions her liaison and she fires back with Liz McDonald - and now it really is all over.  As Jenny says - who said she had got over Liz (above)?  Johnny leaves again - saying that he would never have been able to forgive Jenny.  She calls him a needy old man on whom she has wasted 5 years of her life.

For reasons best known to other people Gary was not shot and in relief Maria who really ought to have more sense is turning on the charm over a meal in the bistro and assuring him that he should not go to Bristol.  Gary suggests that he and Maria could start from scratch.  He cannot invite her back to hotel Metcalfe, so Maria says she can stay at the flat - on the sofa - and there is to be no creeping around - unless he really has to!  It seems like Gary is on a promise (see smirk above)! 

Sarah tells Adam about her argument with Carla when they sit down in Speed Dahl.  Adam denies Carla's earlier claims - but Sarah is not convinced.  In any event they skip the curry and head for home.

Asha delivers the phone to the police pointing out the evidence and the officer gives nothing away (her face is half hidden by a mask).  Corey is being looked after in hospital where his father has joined him. the police officer wants to ask Corey about Orphanage Lane - Corey was there at 3am.  Apparently he changed clothes there.  On his second visit he arrives empty handed and leaves with the rucksack he had dropped there earlier.  And perhaps he has thrown those clothes into the canal?  Corey maintains his story.

Abi returns home and stares at the funeral order of service for Seb.

Written by Simon Crowther and directed by David Kester


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Anonymous said...

Uncle Peter rather than Uncle Adam, surely. Adam is the son of Peter's twin sister.

bluegardenia said...

I just wanna know one thing: when are they gonna get rid of Sharon and Daisy the two most annoying people on the street. I thought you'd have to go far to beat Paul, Todd and Billy...but I was wrong these two are even worse than those three.


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