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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday 23rd June 9 pm

It's the day of the trial, and with months of build-up leading to this day, will Leanne's newly found defiance ensure Harvey is properly sent down for good? I mean, we've had kidnappings, shootings, drive-by's and a tasering, so surely the county line drug dealer won't get away with it. Honesty isn't always the best policy after all, and at what cost to Simon?

In court, Harvey’s menacing grimace would be enough to put me off but Leanne’s legendary Battersby grit has gotten her through much worse in the past. It’s as though the ghost of Jez Quigley is in the room with her! Leanne’s stoic honesty to the judge is compelling and, as always, Jane Danson is utterly brilliant and highly believable. I’m never very good with legal terms but I guess it’s Leanne’s judge giving an easy ride, to begin with. Admitting Harvey’s horrendous acts of barbarism and intimidation, Leanne takes a brave stance. 

Facing the defence, Battersby argues her cause quite well and defends Simon, however, her son is suddenly not needed in court, and Sharon takes the stand instead. Better late than never, Sharon paints a picture of Harvey’s violence and tells the court about his county lines recruitment policies. In the real world, this happens, so I'm glad Corrie hasn't lost sight of the original story ethos, in amongst the wanton crime and high-stakes drama. Turning queen's evidence, Sharon returns to Rita before any sentence she may face. Jenny is gobsmacked at the revelation. At The Rovers, Jenny apologises to Ronnie and asks him to move back into the pub. Johnny is now moving out. Rita defends Sharon’s shady past. Later, it seems Sharon has coerced Harvey so that she can take over Harvey's firm!

Tyrone’s latest toy is causing him trouble, and that's just the leather trousers! The joke seems to be on him again, facing criticism from Evelyn and Faye, and he has to admit to failing his motorbike test. 

Summer’s diagnosis seems to be sinking in with the realities of insulin injections hitting home. The fall-out brings Billy and Todd a bit closer though and Billy recants, inviting Todd to move in. Paul’s fruity gift could easily be mistaken for a saucy metaphor so we shall see where that goes. 

Carol resigns from Double Glammy as she realises it's a double scammy. Daisy tells her she needs to pay back the cash, anyway. Sean struggles with his conscience for once, but Daisy is relentless. The messer becomes the messee! Later, Sean finds Carol in Victoria Gardens having collapsed from a drug overdose. Regaining consciousness, she tells Sean she’s skint and facing homelessness again. Eileen then gives Sean some hard home truths and he promises to right a few wrongs!

Elsewhere in tonight’s episodes; Emma continues to take Tracy’s dubious advice until Steve comes in and tells Emma to follow her heart. Later, she sees Curtis with another girl. Steve also dreads facing his birthday without his son.


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1 comment:

Jan said...

The way Fiz and Evelyn mocked Tyrone was really nasty.
If it had been Tyrone and Kevin mocking Fiz the viewers would have meant to be horrified. As it is are we supposed to just think ‘oh well he deserves it’?


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