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Friday, 11 June 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 11 June

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

Tyrone is recovering after a night out clubbing with Alina. He makes it into work, stinking of beer because someone spilt snakebite down him and he didn’t have time to change his shirt, but not before encountering Fiz who mocks him for dad dancing. His day gets worse when he finds out from Adam that Fiz has engaged him to get her a parental consent order and then PC Tinker pulls him over for alleged drink driving. All that and I bet the Generation Z-ers in the club didn’t even know how to do the macarena.
In the café, Billy tells Roy that Summer is blaming herself for what happened to Seb and with the best intentions at heart they decide they should get the two girls together to talk. It turns out to be the worst idea since President Kennedy said, ‘Ooh that’s a lovely pink suit Jackie, lets show it off by having the roof down”. Summer tells Nina how sorry she is and that she can’t eat or sleep for thinking about what she could have done differently, but it has the result of bringing all of Nina’s own survivor guilt to the surface. She snaps at Summer that it’s a café not a confessional and it’s not her job to make her feel better. Then she goes to Dev’s, pinches a bottle of vodka and begins on a downward spiral.

Dev himself clearly has other things on his mind having had yet more afternoon delight with Bernie. Aadi catches Ms Winter Senior wearing one of Dev’s shirts and before you can say “Fancy a bit of my kebab”, Asha, Mary, Steve and Gemma all know about the unlikely lovers. Mary is initially horrified but when it becomes clear that Bernie might actually like Dev, (describing him as a cross between George Clooney and Omar Shariff), she gives them her blessing. Unfortunately, Dev may be less of a gent than Dr Zhivago, as in the pub with Steve he makes out that he only went with Bernie because he was drunk.  

Meanwhile, Ty has worked out that it was Fiz who dobbed him into the police. He’s wound up further by Alina telling him that “Feez as gone too far and le glerves mast cerm on” (is it me or is Alina turning into the policeman from ‘Allo‘Allo?). He marches round to Fiz to demand that she hand over Ruby, but his ex has been given a proper Corrie matriarch talking-to from Evelyn and tells him she’s not going to fight him anymore and he can see the girls whenever he wants. A good move all round as neither of them could afford a lawyer anyway and Hope doesn’t need anymore disruption in her life. Serial killers always blame their parents…just saying.

In other news, Daisy starts a campaign to put off any potential Rovers buyers and Chesney and  Gemma log on for their first sign language lesson.  

Finally, a drunk Nina calls round to see Summer who has no idea what to say or do with her. Asha calls round and is equally out of her depth. When neither of the girls will drink with her, Nina stumbles away to the ginnel where she sits alone with the bottle. Who will be able to help this lost soul? I’m pinning my hopes on Carla who’s trod a similar dark path…and I’m not just talking about her ‘any colour as long as it’s black’ wardrobe.

And that’s it for this week. I’m not sure when we’ll meet again as I heard a rumour that there’s some sort of silly ball game on for the next few weeks. But if you miss me catch me on twitter @mskelstar. 

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dhvinyl said...

I must have blinked when talk of sign language courses came up! I presume we’re planning for the downstairs return of the quads, who’ll be in long trousers by the time we see them again. I’ve even forgotten what sex they all are, never mind their names. And talking of youngsters, I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to the new Summer and her total personality change. Oh, and as for Jack…on the rare occasions when he’s seen, he seems remarkably active for a boy with one leg.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I hope we haven't seen the last of Dev and Bernie. I'm actually enjoying the awful yukkiness of it, and that's down to the great chemistry between the actors. They look like they are hugely enjoying this storyline. I also love the reactions of their respective offspring. Aadi and Asha amused and repulsed in equal measure, while Gemma is quite happy for her mum. It's not a love story and I hope the writers don't turn Bernie into a bunny boiler. I want to see Dev slightly nauseous the morning after but unable to keep away from Bernie who will have him at her beck and call.

coconno196 said...

The BSL story has come out of nowhere, unless I missed an episode. Good idea though, to look at all options for a hearing-impaired child. Cochlear implants are quite controversial. Chesney and Gemma will have to spend a lot of time learning BSL.

Anonymous said...

Jack has 2 legs, but only one foot. He uses a prosthetic limb, so why shouldn't he be active?
You're obviously not aware that only a limited amount of people can be on set at any one time due to Covid restrictions. Having a set of 2 year old quads running around obviously wouldn't be helpful.


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