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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Ruxandra Porojnicu interview: Alina's baby bombshell for Tyrone

Alina’s been keeping the fact she may be pregnant to herself, is that because she’s worried about Tyrone’s reaction or is she unsure of how she feels herself?

I think it’s a mixture of both because she didn’t plan to have a baby this early in her life, she’s still quite young, she’s only 23. She’s also unsure about how Tyrone is going to react.

It’s still very early in the relationship and he already has two children, does she worry it will scare him off? 

Yes there is that worry, she knows he loves her and he’s supportive of what she wants in life but he already has two children so she’s unsure if he’s going to be enthusiastic about having another baby so soon.

It’s an emotional week for Alina, she also discovers about Tyrone’s past with Kirsty, but hears it second hand, how does that make her feel?

It makes her start to question their relationship because this is such an important thing that he kept from her. Usually you would share something like this with your partner, you would open up about your past, so she feels a bit left behind when she finds out that he didn’t share this with her. Also the fact that after the news about Kirsty he prefers to go and speak with Fiz about it leaves her feeling kept out in the dark.

Does she still feel second place to Fiz and the girls?

Yes she does for sure and every time he turns to Fiz when something big happens the doubts creep in.

How does Tyrone react when she blurts out she might be pregnant?

He’s shocked for sure, he needs time to process things. He tries to be supportive to convince her, and to convince himself that they will be ok.

Does she really see her future with Tyrone? There is a lot of baggage that comes with him, and the girls, especially Hope, aren’t making life easy for her?

It’s definitely a complicated relationship, they love each other though and I think that’s the most important thing, so I would say yes they do.

Will Alina fight for her man, will we see a stronger, feistier Alina come out now she has a baby to think of?

I think Alina trusts that Tyrone wants to be with her, that he wants this relationship and he wants to have a future together. But if that situation changes I think she’ll definitely fight for him and for them. 

How did you feel when you heard about this next development in the story?

I was excited because it’s a storyline I’ve never played before and it’s always good to have a challenge. 

What sort of reaction are you getting on the street? Are you getting a bit of grief about Alina breaking up Fiz and Tyrone?

Yes a little but not as much as I expected which is good. Fiz and Tyrone are such an iconic couple and you don’t really want to see them apart but it’s been ok, I expected worse!

What advice would you give to Alina?

Now at this stage of their relationship I think to have patience, to have patience and understanding of him that he might freak out for a while over having another baby but just to give him time.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but seriously wtf? Do we REALLY need to keep going down this route? They've only been together for 5min and judging from here and Twitter, they're clearly not a fan favorite. Why must we always go down this tacky route? I'm sure a girl her age would be using birth control

Anonymous said...

Getting fed up with the over used unexpected pregnancy storyline.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie from Canada:

Oh gee, I didn't see this storyline coming. (eye roll) Does no one in Weatherfield use birth control?

Anonymous said...

Alina is the sweetest girl in Weatherfield and now she’s pregnant with Tyrone’s child?! Honestly, I hope it’s a baby girl. Then Hope and Ruby will have another sister.

CK said...

Why won't this storyline just go away?

Sharon boothroyd said...

I predicted this a while ago.
No great surprise as far as I'm concerned.
I reckon they'll marry, then she'll miscarry. Ty will go to Fizz with his troubles and they'll re-unite.

Anonymous said...

I am extremely disappointed in this storyline. Do the writers not have any imagination at all? I find the pair of them sickening to say the least and now there is going to be another kid! Yuck! High time someone on the street opened a family planning clinic.

Flo said...

I haven't watched Corrie for a couple of months and when I read this upcoming storyline, it just turned me off that much more. Why does everything always have to be doom and gloom, an unplanned pregnancy, or just over the top crap? I'm so disappointed in the direction the show went over the past year.


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