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Sunday 20 June 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Sunday 20 June 2021

Father's day - Sam's first - and with Nick back on t'Street Sam has a card for him!  Just watch out for a shady character (Rhys) lurking in the Street under peaked cap.  And Summer is taking her two dads for Sunday lunch in the Bistro.  Sam wants a sleepover at the Natural History Museum - next year - this year he wants home made waffles for breakfast.  At the Bistro Billy recalls special meals with his family - always at a Berni Inn and the introduction of an avocado pear onto the menu; oddly Summer takes a toilet break which even Todd thinks is a little soon after the previous one.  A little later it is time for pud but Summer is impatient to depart - the dads send her home to a pile of work - but is there more to it than there seems?

The answer seems to be positive, back at the flat Summer puts a can in the bin and then is very unsteady, wobbling on her so sitting and looking at her shaking hands (above) before slumping sideways and passing out.  The dads are having another large glass of wine each as they are celebrating Todd moving back in permanently.

In the continuation of Tyrone's mid-life crisis, Fiz is decrying Alina's clothing choices for Ty - jeans so tight he could not sit down - and until upbraided by Chesney not allowing the girls to give Ty a father's day present.  Curtis, mixologist at the Bistro, wants to sell his late father's classic motorbike and initially Kevin buys it - but after some sweet talking by Alina she buys it as a present for Ty - it needs some work and she is looking forward to the ride of her life.  Kev does not seem too upset - and Ty is ecstatic that Alina's saving for a housing deposit is being expended on what I fear will be an expensive accident waiting to happen.

As we know Gemma has been reluctant for Aled to have a cochlear implant operation and the matter has been much discussed with the quads being largely off screen!  However after a pub discussion with Bernie and Paul she finally admits to Chesney that providing they maintain learning BSL it would help Aled if the operation goes ahead as it will give him options (above).  

Rhys is in league with Harvey and Sharon; Harvey wants Leanne given a short, sharp and appropriately encouraging reminder of just which side of her bread will get battered if she gives the wrong evidence in court.  Rhys tells Sharon he intends to do as "H" wants (send for Ted Hastings - he would soon be cooking Rhys' goose with diesel).  Sharon tries phoning Leanne but gets short shrift as she and Steve are going to see Oliver as it is a year since he died.  When they arrive back Leanne is surprised that Nick's phone is off and then hears either 3 or 4 gunshots and an Audi taking off at high tyre-squealing speed.  With Sharon looking on from the other end of Victoria Street we see a body lying by Nick's car (above).  Nick and Sam pick themselves up off the ground and Sam tells us that the Audi registration was MB03HVC, just like any other kid would!  Less amazing is that Leanne identifies Sharon in the distance before she slithers away!  The police achieve little apart from finding the burnt out TT a bit later.

Summer has not been woken by the gunfire adjacent to the flat and only comes round when her dads return.  Todd phones for an ambulance, but relents when Summer refuses.  She had had a can of "Dyno" - an energy drink of which Billy does not approve.  She is not keen on even going to see Dr Gaddas who then makes a home visit (round here you cannot even get an appointment to see a doctor at the surgery).  The dads and Dr Gaddas all think there is something wrong with Summer, possibly an eating disorder?  She refuses food and goes to the toilet again.  Billy asks Todd not to move in until Summer is back to normal.  Todd feels rejected - although to be honest I do not understand Billy's concerns - surely a resident Todd would actually make Summer feel safer and loved?

In the cafe Roy and Nina are having a heart to heart and she is unburdening herself about her father and losing him and the safety net that he provided.  Apparently Nina wants routine with The Archers at seven, fishcakes on a Friday and Scrabble.  Roy agrees that he can deliver a boring life - which is what she wants.  (We know that to achieve it she will of course have to leave the Street!).  Roy explains his phone calls - he needs to know that she is safe and she gently asks him to back off.  Nina has a present for Roy - her father's simple homemade wooden scrabble rack and Roy is pleased and can relax as Nina is on the mend.

Until "H" phoned Sharon was packing to do a runner.  He tells her off for being on Victoria Street when Rhys was doing as told.  She points out that Leanne did not need pushing - this was Nick and Sam being attacked (rather better described above!!!).  H makes it quite clear that there is no such thing as bad publicity - front page of the Evening News making it clear this is what happens if you cross Harvey Gaskell, something which Sharon should have remembered and he hangs up on her.  H phones Rhys to go home and do some housekeeping.

Natascha tells Nick that the relationship with Sam cannot carry on whilst Leanne is in danger.  Nick tells Sam that they have to stop seeing each other - for his own safety.  Nick says he will find Sam when it safe.  Natascha insists that this is the end for Sam and Nick and she takes her son away.

Sharon fails to make her getaway before Rhys turns up.  He tells her he is not keen on hitting a woman with her hands full so tells her to drop her bags (not her trousers) and we see no more.  

Leanne has been thinking about nothing else for weeks, not sleeping, worrying and seeing Natascha's face over Sam earlier has enabled her to be very aware that Harvey will always control her and many others; perhaps even Sharon wants a way out from under the evil drug lord and of course Oliver has set her free (above).  She is going into court and will tell the truth.  I would not be surprised if a much battered and bruised Sharon is also giving evidence against H on Monday.

Which wraps it up for me for tonight.  Last Friday (which is actually after I wrote this but before it airs) I had a small operation, hopefully I will be fit to pick up the baton the next time my name comes up!

Tonight was written by Jan McVerry and directed by Alex Jacob.


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Anonymous said...

Oliver died 27/11/20 not 12 months ago

TOTP Glam King Archiver said...

Probably this has been given to be the first 'Corrie Sunday outing since mid September 2017, when it disappeared from the schedules to make way for programmes such as The Celebrity Chase, Celebrity Tipping Point, and family dramas such as The Durrells series 3 & 4 and The Good Karma Hospital series 2 and The Larkins will be joining in that slot later this year.

So it had to make the timing sense, the episode did take place on Father's Day 2021, with ITV disrupting 'Corrie schedules yet again with the delayed Euro 2020 football programming, whereas rival soap EE is on this Tuesday before the England v Czech Republic match, as situated to be the only prime-time soap along with Hollyoaks and the two Down Under soaps over on Channel 5 (which are on before it), turns out they are repeats first shown during the day-time.

But the actual hour-long Sunday outing itself did appear on the ITV Hub last Wednesday and three more are added today on Monday which is tonight's episode, Wednesday and then Friday's hour-long episode is back at the regular time of 7.30pm where it will now clash against the 7.45pm rival EastEnders on the other side, sadly (cos it's the Euro 2020's football eventing day-off for all across the EU), whereas in Germany on ZDF they're showing their German detective dramas or sometimes it could be Midsomer Murders and in Spain, they're showing a Hollywood film on the Cuatro or on Telecinco they show a Spanish-dubbed entertainment show or may be a gameshow.

Speaking about the 'Corrie episodes being put on the ITV Hub early as its nearing the second consecutive week of them being putting there, EastEnders have done the same on iPlayer (there was the first to announce it), ITV's only prime-time drama at 9pm before the News At Ten in Euro 2020 world, guess, Coronation Street, the heart of Manchester and whereas Emmerdale is on before it althoughly, only ED's first Sunday outing proved to be a surprise for the first time since 2016, sadly cut down to half a hour.

Speaking of Channel 4's pre-watershed evening soap Hollyoaks, they have a first-look episode and actually they are football-free as well, they've got the delayed 2020 Paralympics from Japan coming up so 'Oaks or their other programme The Simpsons won't be affected althoughly, cos the Olympics and Paralympics are on in the early hours until day-time this time around, as with EE back in 2008, that I did remember they put 2 or 3 episodes within the week at prime-time and for Doctors, they're taking a long Summer Break during the day-time, cos Wimbledon is coming on the 28th of June 2021 (another sporting event) and the BBC put a drama on at 1.45pm instead of Doctors during the length of the rest of Summer of 2021. Well safe to be sure, that's all folks.

TOTP Glam King Archiver said...

This had to be Corrie's first outing since mid September 2017 on a Sunday evening, making the time sense as the episode in its timeline taking place on Father's Day, which had to be on a Sunday, this had to be the first of them to be taking place on that day since June 2012 which has had a nine-year gap, i'd name some of the Father's Day past episodes which ran up between the next ten years from 1997 to 2007 and but sometimes they've have been given some extra episodes right up until that date when 'Corrie announced it was going six times a week in September 2017 over the three days.

The storyline this time focused on Sam Blakeman giving Nick Tilsley, his father giving him a card on the actual day, their first day together, but instead Harvey Gaskell double-crossed them against Sharon Bentley at her hideout that she had to track down Leanne, but they was going to kill her, but instead Leanne at the time was going to give balloons for Oliver's graveside at the cemetery (as with Tracy's absence, she returns tonight after a month's absence? due to the Emma/Curtis storyline), as with Summer piling on the energy drinks she collapses on the sofa as we're heading for a Type 3 Diabetes storyline for Miss Spellman, but Billy and Todd and Summer were already at the Bistro when Dr Gaddas's family were sitting down at their table, but Summer doesn't have any of it cos she is already pretending to do her GCSE homework at the flat and for the cochlear implant storyline for Aled Winter-Brown, as Gemma and Chesney have had words between his deaf hearing as they should go to a group to where kids can't hear or they should book the operation at the hospital if needed.

Corrie's three episodes already have been put on the ITV Hub, whereas Euro 2020's only day-off on Friday sees it return at the regular earlier time of 7.30pm now it clashes against BBC One's soap EastEnders instead over fifteen minutes later at 7.45pm (as its the first time they've done this since the Sharon-Sam-Nick-Harvey-Leanne-Simon-Natasha storyline came to a head when Simon came running from the hospital after a drug dealer was approached at the reception.


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