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Tuesday 8 June 2021

Summer of Love?

I don’t know about you but ten minutes out in this heat and I’m a hot sweaty mess and the last thing on my mind is sex. Ok it’s maybe not the LAST thing... Anyway going off recent reports it’s far from the last thing on the minds of some Coronation Street residents as the days grow ever longer and we approach what looks set to be a steamy few months finally out of lockdown.

OK magazine speculated the other day that stepdaughter and thorn in Jenny’s side Daisy could be on the lookout for love this summer. She’s been on the periphery of storylines since she arrived and while I’ve enjoyed her catty comments and troublecausing, she’s yet to really make her mark on the cobbles. Here’s a hoping a summer of mischief gives actress Charlotte Jordan some scenes - and perhaps men - to sink her teeth into.

It’s been hard to portray any real romance or bedroom shenanigans over the past year for obvious reasons. Purposefully walking toward the same door with a raised eyebrow and a smirk is as much as we’ve been offered lately, most recently from Tyrone and Alina, who have been at it like rabbits, and last night Gary and Maria were doing the come-to-bed-eyes routine. Some of these scenes sent Corrie fans reaching for the sick bucket. I quite like it as it balances out the murders, gangsters and other serious stuff quite nicely.

Vera Duckworth was always trying to lure Jack into bed and while he put up a good fight, he often lost the battle and succumbed to his persistent wife's advances. Telly gold. 

Anyway with my own love life about as interesting as a lateral flow test but without the excitement of the gag-reflex kicking in as the swab hits the tonsils, I’m now going to live vicariously through the sex lives of our Weatherfield friends by speculating who might be hopping on top of who this summer...

Dev and Bernie

Some people just don’t look right together. Charles and Diana. Donald and Melania. Kermit and Miss Piggy. The news that Bernie is setto get closer to Dev is no surprise as they’ve been getting friendly for a while now. But I just can’t picture them together long term. That said Bernie has calmed down a lot since her arrival and is now slightly less like a character from Shameless and certainly settling in well. Maybe she is in it for the long haul. Poor Dev.

Speaking of Dev. He had another close shave with Sharon recently. 

No. Just no.

Jenny and Ronnie

Here we'd be going from Jenny and Johnny to Jenny and Ronnie which is of course ridiculous. These two have already done the deed, and again, I didn’t see it at first. But now they definitely have some chemistry between them and I can kind of see it going somewhere. 

If she doesn’t want him I’ll gladly step in.

Peter and Carla

Ok yes he’s just had a new organ inserted but did you see the love between them before he went into surgery? After everything they’ve been through it looks like Corrie’s power couple could be about to put everything behind them and finally be happy. He might be in recovery for a while but surely the romance between Carla and Peter will be something to look forward to later this year. They both deserve it.

Asha and Nina

I have no idea if this would ever happen but Asha getting with Nina, then splitting up, then Nina getting with Seb before Cory killed him all seemed to happen very quickly. They aren’t on good terms right now but there’s definitely more to explore with both their sexualities, and perhaps there’s still love between them. Nina appeared to be asexual at first, then gay, then we found out she’s bisexual. It would definitely be good to see bisexuality explored on Corrie.

Sally and Tim

Corrie’s resident sex pots are usually good for a bit of slap and tickle. When they aren’t falling out they seem to be falling into bed or a hot tub and it’s hilarious, they are a great double act. Last week we saw Sally getting into a bit of role play when Tim arrived home…with his mum. This is just the kind of camp silliness I watch Corrie for.

Debbie and….

After seeing her ex lover and business partner Ray banged up, Debbie is now getting on with her life and by all accounts seems to have been forgiven by those she wronged. I’d love Sue Devaney to stay in Corrie long term, and if she does, surely some love interests are in the pipeline. Operation Find Debbie a Man starts here…

George and Eileen

Just get on with it is all I have to say about this one. George has been a great addition to the cobbles and I can really see the pairing with Eileen Grimshaw, she’s a Corrie stalwart and it’s about time she settled down. Chop chop.

There's a conversation to be had about the love lives of Rita, Ken, Audrey and some of our other more senior favourites. Until things get back to normal and this virus does one there's not much chance of that, but it's definitely never too late to find love and I hope that's the case again for some of these characters at least. 

Stay safe and enjoy your summer Corrie fans.


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Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Debbie and Dev would make a much better couple than Dev and Bernie. Debbie is much more his type--sophisticated, good dresser, successful, ambitious. Dev would have to up his game a bit too--he's been letting himself go to seed lately, but she would keep him on his toes.

Jenny and Ronnie--great pairing, great sexual chemistry. Also Ronnie has managed to convey more concern and care for Jenny in a few scenes than Johnny in their whole relationship! When Johnny and Jenny first got together there was such a sense that Johnny was doing her a massive favour. Even he seemed to look down on her, patronize her, never saw her on an equal level of importance as his children. Then Jenny became his mother, fussing, tending, worrying. They should both look for someone more suited.

Peter and Carla--such a boring couple now. It shows what happens when the sex is replaced by nursemaiding duties. And the writers gave a pretty broad hint Monday night (through Adam's comment) that they would not be happy long term. Expect Peter to stray (again) as soon as his body has recovered.

The romance I'm looking for is for Aadi...? New Aadi is a good-looking young guy, smart, ambitious...surely he'll be winning the heart of one of the teens on the street? Amy? Summer? Even Kelly?

And Fiz? Now that half the street's sexuality has become fluid maybe she could pair up with Izzie--Fizzie. Would be more believable than Dev and Bernie!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Aadi must surely be in line for a girlfriend. While the residents are completely relaxed about inter-racial relationships - including Dev - it might be interesting if Aadi met a girl from a strict Asian family. Could go a number of ways, including Aadi becoming alienated from his own family.

Anonymous said...

Now restrictions are easing up, it would be nice to see some romance on the cobbles as couples haven’t been a strong point for the show for quite some time now.

Carla and Peter’s electric chemistry relationship is what made them so popular, so turning Peter into a bearded old man who spends all day doing jigsaws while a subdued Carla watches over him, was a bad move and isn’t what viewers want to see. Once Peter’s recovered, I hope we get a long period of happiness for them (that isn’t kept offscreen) because the constant misery is exhausting. I want to see a return of their fun, passionate side and I want to see them reassert themselves as power players on the street (especially Carla). And please, get them their own place! This running joke where they’ve been living with Ken and Roy has gone on long enough.

I think Jenny and Johnny are over for good this time. Now the pub’s up for sale, I predict Johnny will leave the show. To be honest, he’s felt like a spare part for quite some time now and he’s a shadow of the character he was coming into the show.

Out of the older characters, I’d like to see Evelyn and Arthur’s budding romance revisited at some point in the future. I’d also like Rita to get herself a new man now that Dennis is definitely out of the picture.

This is a long shot but a couple I’d really love to see reunite is Tracy and Rob. Not only was Rob a great character with loads of potential but they were one of the best modern couples the show’s ever had! I wish the writers would find a way to make this happen.

On the whole, I want to see more time and effort being put into the couples on the street because it’s a real weak point for the show. Let’s see more everyday light-hearted moments between couples like we used to, give us a reason to invest, build up a love story, don’t just throw two random characters together and expect us to care (Gary and Maria/ Sarah and Adam/ Alya and Ryan/Craig and Faye/Tyrone and Alina… get the picture?). The reason Hayley and Roy and Ken and Deirdre are held to such regard is because they were given the time to develop and flourish.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I think Aadi should have a girlfriend too. Asha's had 2 relationships so far - he's had none.
My idea was that one Dev's teen kids could be involved in one of his kids (or grandkids) from way back and the loved- up couple have no idea they are related.
Dev and Debbie would make a good pair, I agree.
Fiz isn't interested in anyone new as she's still getting over Ty ditching her for Alina Pop! I still feel that this is a mid- life crisis and he'll see sense after the novelty's worn off and return to Fiz.
There's been no romance for ages for Sean, Izzy, Amy, Gail, Daniel and Mary.

Anonymous said...

Peter and Carla have got their own place.
Arthur relocated back to Canada

Louby said...

I'd love to see Rob and Tracy back together. Another long shot I'd like would be for Fiona to return and get back with Steve. She was his first love!

Louby said...

Mary is the character I would most like to see with a romance. And not something daft, like that Brendan fella, something serious. Someone new too, who's a bit wacky like she is.


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