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Saturday, 5 June 2021

'I think they could be a good match!'-Corrie Blog speaks to Jane Hazlegrove about Bernie and Dev's new romance!

Since arriving on the street in June 2019, Bernie Winter, the flowery hippy mother of twins Gemini and Apollo (Gemma and Paul) has had little to do in terms of romance. Her ex Kel proved to be a paedo to young Paul and he subsequently drowned in non-suspicious circumstances. Finding work at Prima Doner and Dev’s Corner shop, Bernie has been pulled into her boss’s orbit, and to some comedic effect. With Dev getting a ribbing from the kids about his vacant love life, Bernie pipes up and tells them that they’re off on a date together. This seemingly mismatched pair soon click and romance beckons. But, Bernie isn’t Dev’s usual type and as he laughs off their liaisons, will Bernie sit back and take it?

I was very privileged in joining Coronation Street's online zoom press day, to learn more from the actress that plays Bernie, Jane Hazlegrove (JH)

Q What did you think when you found out about Bernie’s potential love interest? 

JH Well, I opened the script and there it was! I was thrilled, really chuffed, and about time. Also great that it's going to be Dev, as it opens up a whole different can of worms for her doesn't it! Bernie has always had a soft spot for him though, although she’s never admitted it! 

Q Bernie and Dev head on a date as a wind-up to Dev’s twins. How attracted to Dev is Bernie, is it just a joke? 

JH  She does see it as a joke, kind of, but to prove to Dev’s kids that people of middle-age can still date, still fall in love, and have a good time. However, she thinks he’s gorgeous, and a gentleman, really a good catch but she doesn't see that at the start!

Q How much of a good match do you think they are?  

JH I think they probably are a good match but it’s not quite obvious. They both like a laugh and she could be quite good for him. They both need the fun and are both up for it. 

Q Towards the end of the week we see Mary get defensive of Dev as she thinks Bernie is taking advantage of him. What is Bernie’s reaction to that?  

JH I don't think she quite understands why Mary has such a problem with it. She’s always in the moment, Bernie, so wonders why Mary is being so protective over Dev. She’s quite defiant with Mary at the beginning and Bernie gives as good as she gets!

Q Mary overhears that Dev said he only got with Bernie as he was drunk! How would Bernie react if she found that out?  

JH I think she’d be very hurt and quite disappointed by his obvious machismo I think. I don't think it would go down well and she would expect more from him, perhaps. 

Q Would you like Bernie to find love with Dev? 

JH Yeah! Well, I'd just like Bernie to find love; be that with Dev, Mary, or whoever! She deserves it.

Q Have you enjoyed playing a different side to Bernie? 

JH You know, I think it's always interesting when they pair you up with other actors as well and that's what is so brilliant about Corrie. I have enjoyed this nicer side. 

Q How has Bernie evolved as a character since you first joined the show? 

JH Massively I think. Her priorities have shifted since she first landed on the street. I think she has shown now that she can care about her family. She made some bad decisions in the past and was quite selfish but I think she’s less of that now and her love for her family, and what the quads bring, override much of her past. I think she's got quite a past! 

Q What is your favourite thing about Bernie? 

JH I love her energy, her resilience and she’s funny and fierce in equal measure. As an actress that's a great thing to be able to play. I admire her honesty and she’s often in the moment. I think people love or hate her, and that's fine. 

Q What’s it like working with Jimmi (Harkishin - Dev Alahan)?

JH How long have you got! He is brilliant to work with, a really funny man, and he works hard at it. He’s great energy to be around on the floor. He cares very much about the show, and about playing Dev, - we have a lot of fun!

Q Does the romance have the potential to be serious, and what would Bernie be like around Dev’s twins? 

JH I have joked with the actors who play the twins about how they would feel about me being their stepmother, and they were both lovely about it. Long-term I don't know if this has potential but he sets something off in her that she hasn't felt before so maybe. 


So what do we think of this potential new romance between Bernadine and Devendra? Bernie’s hard-mouthed Mother Earth exterior could flatter Dev’s comedy role on the street maybe? Both are parents of twins so they could have some common ground to share?  

I am @rybazoxo, your Wednesday night episode reviewer, and all-around Weatherfield aficionado! 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

They are chalk and cheese. Dev is middle class, aspirational, reasonably refined. Bernie is at the other end of the scale and that's the potential humour. If this romance takes off, we'll see a new Bernie. Her 'Eliza Doolittle' to Dev's 'Professor Higgins'. Many unlikely couples are successful because they meet at just the right moment, both wanting the same things. If nothing else, Dev and Bernie would give us some much-needed humour.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon)...Not sure...doesn't seem like a very plausible match. I mean just because two people are single and work and live on the same street doesn't mean they have to bed each other. And for comedy too, I don't see it--Dev is more likely to ridicule Bernie's coarseness (which isn't funny) and her sense of humor is pretty unsophisticated, to say the least! But one couple that I'm really liking at the moment--and that I hope we see more of--is Jenny and Ronnie--there's a real fire there, and it's brought out a whole new side to Jenny--more passionate and alive, whereas with Johnny she was always more like a fussing protective mother hen. And the pairing works too in terms of integrating Ronnie on the street. I found him so boring and artificial before, with all that Michael nonsense, and he has about zero chemistry with the whole Bailey family. But he's electric with Jenny! Suddenly the character and actor seems so much more intense and genuine. Not this stick figure woodenly speaking preposterous lines. They would make a great couple behind the bar, but his womanizing side will ensure lots of drama and heartbreak down the road.

Anonymous said...

Considering her past history[using Gemma's urine when she was pregnant as a scam for false postive pregnancy tests],I don't think Dev and Bernie would be a good couple.
She would pull one con after another on him and I'm sure Gemma would take advantage of the relationship by demanding her and Chesney's shopping at the Corner be 'free'.
I also doubt that naither Asha or Aadi would approve of Bernie either and would be at odds with their father.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't really matter if they turn out to be a match made in heaven, tptb will have them splitting up eventually anyway

Sharon boothroyd said...

I can't see it myself! What would Dev see in her? Bernie's not exactly smart and sophisticated!
She needs to pair up with a down at heel scammer, a 'partner in crime' who can challenge her and see through her various tricks.
Why not bring back that market trader chap who popped up for the second time a few Xmases ago? That scouse actor who used to be in Bread and Goodnight sweetheart? He'd be ideal for Bernie!
I too, like Jenny and Ronnie together.
Jenny needs a change of love interest and as Johnny can't seem to forgive her, she's best moving on. Ronnie seems to care about Jenny as well.
Are these couples together? George and Eileen? Maria and Gary? Grace and Michael?


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