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Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Jennie McAlpine interview: Fiz fights Alina for the girls

How does Fiz feel about Tyrone and Alina having the girls now they’re living together, or sometimes not having them because Tyrone’s so focussed on his new relationship?

She feels like Tyrone hasn’t got his priorities straight, it feels like his number one priority is no longer the girls, even though he keeps saying it is. It feels like his priorities have shifted away from the girls and that’s infuriating for her.

How does Fiz feel about Alina spending time with the girls?

Tyrone keeps promising he’ll have the girls then they end up with Alina and that wasn’t part of the plan in Fiz’s mind. He left, he now has his time with the girls but she doesn’t want Alina looking after them. Fiz isn’t best pleased, she thinks Alina’s just a daft kid, not very responsible. So when she does the eyelash extensions on Hope it just proves everything Fiz thought. She does possibly overreact, but it’s just giving Fiz ammunition to hate her even more than she already does.

Does she blame Alina for taking Tyrone away from his family or is the blame more at Tyrone’s door in Fiz’s eyes?

In her angry moments she blames Alina but deep down she knows he left her because they weren’t right. Deep down I think she blames him really. 

Fiz also finds out this week that Tyrone has paid for a sexy photo shoot this week, does she think he’s having some sort of mid life crisis? How much does it hurt?

She thinks he’s pathetic, she laughs at him and she accuses him of having a mid life crisis but aside from that the sad thing is she’s actually really hurt. Even though it may seem a bit daft, I think if Tyrone had ever suggested to Fiz that they have some pictures down she would have done it. There’s a lot of hurt there that he never did any of these things with her and now he’s choosing to do them with Alina.

There’s also the issue with Alina, where Hope runs into the road. How does Fiz react to that?

It’s the final straw for Fiz, it proves that Alina is irresponsible, she’s just a kid herself and she’s not fit to look after her children. From that point she announces I don’t want that woman anywhere near my kids. It does come from a place of hurt, of being angry and humiliated but it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Is there any part of Fiz that believes what Alina is saying about Hope running off on purpose? They’re had their problems with Hope in the past but does she one hundred percent trust what she’s saying?

There’s definitely a twinge of doubt but on the outside Fiz is adamant she believes her daughter over Alina and she backs her but I think deep down somewhere she knows what Hope can be like.

Fiz then makes it clear she’s prepared to fight for the girls? Is she really ready for a custody battle?

She thinks she is, but there’s a lot of anger there at the moment, I don’t know if she really wants to go down that route. But she’s so angry at the situation, she’s hurt by being on her own and she’s decided they’re not responsible enough as a couple to care for the kids so it should be her sole responsibility. However deep down I don’t think she really wants that to happen.

Fiz has been left with Evelyn living with them, who’s actually Tyrone’s gran, but do you think she’s more on Fiz’s side?

I’m feeling like Evelyn is definitely team Fiz! It’s been so gorgeous to have Maureen back, I love our scenes together and the dynamic between them, how that relationship has shifted. She is really supportive of Fiz but she does get cross when Fiz starts talking about custody, she doesn’t think she needs to go down that route but whether Fiz will listen or not we’ll have to see. At the minute she can’t see past her hurt and anger. 

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Anonymous said...

I am not looking forward to a Fizz and Alina showdown. At the end of the day, Fizz and the kids are still living in Tyronne's house. I assume Tryonne is paying child support.]
However, they are not legally married and Hope is not Tyronne's biological child. I'm not sure what the legal ramifications are. They really should get proper legal advice, not expecting free legal advice from Adam or Imran at the cafe like most of the characters do.

Anonymous said...

In no way can Fiz claim custody of Ruby as she's not Ruby's biological motherand therefore is kidnapping Tyrone's child!
As for Hope who recently broke her cousin's Joseph's arm,Fiz should realise despite her personal feelings that Alina is right and if she's not careful,Hope could hurt someone else.

MartesBC said...

When we suspend all of the home ownership legalities of this long running common law marriage, I can see how it is hard for the character to hand over the keys to the kids to a new person. It takes a long time to trust and feel right... but yes, and then there is Hope ... I guess they are waiting for the next big set change... "forget the tram, cue Hope!"

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Since both Tyrone and Fiz are working and both were clearly co-parents of both children, there is no more reason for Fiz to have custody of the children than Tyrone. This reality is particularly clear since Tyrone and Ruby lived in the house by themselves for a period of at least six months--clearly Tyrone was Ruby's primary caregiver during that time. An equitable arrangement would be shared custody of both, or each spouse taking primary care of their own (biological) child. As to the house--if they were married, the house would be a shared asset regardless of whose it was initially--the marital home becomes the property of both, at least in Canada. But because they are not married, it is arguably still Tyrone's, since the asset was his prior to his relationship with Fiz. Fiz would have claim only to half the appreciation of the house during the time she was in a relationship with Tyrone. Even if the case is made that half the house is Fiz's, Tyrone's amount of child support should be significantly reduced because he has relinquished his claim to live in the house. The best way to calculate this is to base it on what the house would rent for if neither lived in it and split that in half.

Not to be anti-Fiz, but given that the house was originally Tyrone's and that he is the primary care-giver of one of the children and the co-care-giver of the other, it would have made a lot more sense for Fiz to move out and leave him with the children, than vice versa. That said, Alina and her sudden yuppy aspirations--sexy photoshoots, fancy coffee maker, etc-is pretty sick-making and I can understand why Fiz wants to stick it to both of them! I much preferred the old, more down to earth Alina, not this simpering little vixen!

buddylea said...

This past week I was looking through I believe Netflix, Came across a movie called Cyber Brides. I remember seeing it before, but this time I saw alina as one the cyber brides. The plot of this particular film is that the cyber brides are actually evil and will kill dogs and people. Alina has one of those scenes as well. Anyways just an observation.


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