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Monday 14 June 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 14th June

I'm watching on the ITV hub, which is showing the episodes before they are on TV, due to the football.

We have the first sighting of Aled since the time that Gemma was trudging round the streets with her ridiculously large buggy. So we're back to Issues, the matter in question being cochlear implants. I used to work in a deaf school and implants were extremely controversial, although for Gemma, it's more about the danger of the operation. Turns out that Norris and Freda are still around, and Chesney invites the latter over to talk to Gemma about the op and it seems like Ches 'n' Gem are on the same page, but by the end, Gemma is still against it and Chesney for.

Roy encourages Nina to carry on with her graphic novel but Nina has other ideas, ripping up her pictures and stomping off. Is Nina going to go back to normal at some point? Or have the make up people refused to do two hours of goth warpaint per ep? We've had teenagers going off the rails several times previously, but we've never had a feminist, haughty but kind emo before and I miss old Nina. However, it seems that spiralling Nina is here to stay.  Roy sellotapes up the pictures and Asha puts them on instagram, to Nina's horror. She has a go at Asha and then goes to Dev's to shoplift another bottle of voddy. Carla, no stranger to grief, persuades Evelyn to let her go, unarrested. Carla tells her about Liam (to be honest anyone on the street could have had this convo since there've been X number of murders and tragic deaths over the years) but Nina ignores her and goes to the Bistro with Daisy to get drunk again, before rushing off in a cab.

Talking of issues, Summer throws away her healthy(ish) breakfast before she has her test at school, then doesn't eat any lunch. I think we know where this is going, don't we? Summer's Spanish teacher rings to say that Summer gave her answers in French in the exam. I think we've all been there haven't we? Asking for a bière rather than a cerveza in a b?

Bernie asks Dev out and he reluctantly agrees, before Mary 'fesses up what she overheard in the pub on Friday and Bernie dumps a cheeky little pinot noir in Dev's lap. Even though Dev was surprisingly good as an understated concerned dad but I think we all wanted to see comedy Dev back with his salad CREAM and his squeals. He later apologises to Bernie with some sunflowers and she manages to get a pay-rise out of him. I'm shipping these crazy kids.

Last week Tyrone was trying to get custody of Ruby, but no-one wanted custody of Evelyn. I'll have her if Fiz gets rid. Anyway, she is in charge of delivering the kids to Talina's flat. Poor old Fiz sees them about to go back to the flat for some afternoon delight. Less delightful are the clothes that Alina has persuaded Tyrone to purchase, which Evelyn takes great delight in mocking. I have to say that I like Live Laugh Love Alina, it's a bit of a change from sad-eyed slave-manicurist.

That's about it. See you back here next week, same place, same(ish) time.

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Anonymous said...

Cochlear implant is controversial because people think it is a magic device which means the deaf child automatically can hear everything and try to exclude sign language rather than having both. As a deaf person, I for one, is glad to see something that is finally representing sign language community after sixty years. Well done Corrie!


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