Friday, 1 June 2018

Coronation Street episode review, Friday 1 June 2018

We reach the end of the 9pm epsiodes tonight and the conclusion also of the long running Pat Phelan saga.  But what will the end be?

The opening shots show Seb looking horrified, Eileen out for the count and a bloody stain (above) on Nicola's back - she has been shot and is losing blood rapidly, she sinks to the floor and Seb tries to get Pat to call an ambulance.  Pat knocks out Seb and repeats a classic Pat meme when he hits both sides of his head as he tries to think what to do next.

The wedding guests are assembled - with Maria wearing a rather fetching red trouser suit - and she assures Robert he does not need to explain the reasons for delay.  Michelle is just walking down the aisle of the Bistro when Pat enters carrying a gun and the body of Nicola demanding assistance to keep her alive.

Gary forces Eileen's front door as Eileen comes round.  Gary grabs the baby whilst Anna spots an interesting trail of blood spots following it out of the back door and along the ginnel waving at lucky to be free Jack in his bedroom window as she passes.

At the Bistro Pat tells Roy to collect all the mobile phones and insists Ali saves Nicola's life, Rana is attempting to stop the blood flow with some tissues.  He will not allow an ambulance to be called.  If Ali does not save Nicola then Michelle dies.  The police arrive at Eileen's.  Pat tells Nicola he is sorry and then Pat insists on taking Michelle hostage.  Robert stands in front of the gun - but Michelle pushes past him.  With his arm around Michelle's neck Pat backs into the kitchen with her as his hostage.  When Pat turns round in the kitchen he comes face to face with Anna.  Sensing he is surprised Michelle makes a grab for the gun and after a short struggle Pat pushes her to the side and then shoots her.  Anna walks right up to Pat and as she steps back we see this:

In terms of soap lore the most wronged individual on t'Street obtains revenge as she has grabbed a kitchen knife which has been stabbed deep into Pat's chest.  Not much chance of it hitting his heart as he does not have one.  He drops his gun and Michelle is whimpering with pain in the background.

Robert, Ali and Kate rush to aid Michelle and Ali tells Pat not to pull the knife out as it is keeping him alive.  Pat wants to be sure that Anna goes down for murder and pulls the knife out.  Pat is going to die happy knowing that Anna will be rotting inside.  However, Michelle tells Pat that all she saw was self defence.  Michelle says she would be happy to face the prospect of jail for perjury because it is for Luke and Andy.  Anna kicks the knife away, gets down close to Pat and tells him that people like him do not get to win - and she will walk outside and meet her grandson knowing Pat is dead to them all.  Then she says the last thing Pat hears:

"I win".

Outside there are some armed police - but as ever they would prefer to shoot those emerging than getting help to the injured.  News spreads that Nicola and Michelle are alive and Pat is dead.

David sees Josh has returned and the latter says there is no evidence so no case.  Josh reckons he will never go down.  But David knows the police will act if there is ever another reported rape.

Robert thanks Ali as the paramedics have made it clear that he has saved two lives today.  Michelle is still going to say Anna acted in self defence.  Robert and Michelle are still not married - she suggests they postpone as she is wheeled off to the hospital.  Gary realises that it is all his fault.  Anna is meeting Zach and is explaining her surprise release to Faye.  Anna has to answer some police questions - but needs to see Eileen first.

Eileen is OK; Anna updates her on events and Eileen needs absolute assurance that Pat is dead.  Then Eileen apologises to Anna for what she and Pat did to her.  Anna accepts the apology.

Gail realises that she needs to get the curse of Richard Hillman lifted and contacts Rosemary - who answers the phone in her car - with another familiar face in the passenger seat:

Lewis Archer is back for another little scam.

Back on the Street Anna is explaining that she is going to live in Durham with her Auntie Maureen - there is a flat, a cleaning job and a spare room.  Faye decides to go with Anna who needs a clean slate.  Nicola seems not to have sustained serious injury and Michelle was fine the last time we saw her.

There is a last shot of Pat at peace at last as they zip up the body bag.  Anna holds hands with Eileen who is carrying the baby as they watch the van depart with Pat's body.

Farewell Pat Phelan.

I will be back in two weeks' time.


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Newfy Pearl said...

Holy smokes!!!! The end of Pat Phelan was very satisfying indeed. Great show. And look who is back! Oh out Gail.

Shells said...

I thought Nicola would be shot and killed. I'm so relieved that she didnt die!!! One of the best new actors and characters on the show. Phew! :-)

Anonymous said...

Kevin has been weird this week. First of all he didn't tell Tim what Sarah said on the phone, he staggered out of the pub not noticing Phelan ( and where was Jack when he was getting drunk?) and then just stood outside his door looking an absolute wreck when the drama was going on. I don't know if he was made up to look this way or the actor is looking really dodgy in real life.

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