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Monday, 11 June 2018

Coronation Street Friday 8th June double episode review

Hiya! It’s just Jordan with my thoughts on Friday’s trip to Weatherfield. Apologies for missing my last review slot; it’s always around this time of year – the time leading up to Ratings Week – in which I become really disillusioned with Corrie. And while the big BGT week delivered exactly what it promised, it’s just not my kind of Corrie. However, on a positive note, I am glad to say that Friday’s episodes were a breath of much needed fresh air. Fun, frivolous and camp. Even daft. What Corrie should, for the most part, be. Anyway, on with the review…

Stage Mother Sally rears her ugly head again, desperate to let everyone know that daughter Rosie is to appear on This Morning this morning. As we know, the producers called her the other day to arrange an interview following that farcical drugs bust thingy last week. She is to be interviewed alongside partners-in-solving-crime Craig and Gemma and the three of them are shown backstage in the studios being preened and pampered ready for their sofa debut. Of course, this isn’t Rosie’s TV debut. She readily reminds everyone that she once appeared on Lorraine, but for some reason fails to mention that reality dating show she left the cobbles to star on all those years ago. Craig’s OCD flares up when told he can’t mention any names to do with the crime and Gemma refuses to listen to make-up advice from the actual make-up artist. And cue what was probably the strangest, yet deliciously satisfying cameo appearance in Corrie history.  Holly and Phillip fumble some awkward introductions, Gemma tries to flirt with Phillip and the three take their places on the famous sofa. Unsurprisingly, Rosie is dressed as if there is no top to go over, laps up her time on camera, while Craig stares blankly and Gemma splutters a comparison to the Three Musketeers.  Something’s worked for Rosie though. By the end of the day, she’s being waved off in a taxi, ready to follow her newfound dream as a game show host in Japan. Very silly but very current Corrie. And hey – Geri Halliwell started out as a foreign game show host, so who knows just what the future holds for Rosie?

Things are getting increasingly fractious over at the office in Underworld. As we know, Carla knows that Aidan left Alya the factory in his will. Alya doesn’t know that yet, though and Carla intends to keep it that way. After Alya messes up an order, potentially losing clients and therefore business, Carla snaps reminding her that she is in the real world now and the stakes actually matter. A few cross words later and Alya storms out, quitting her job. Carla soon cracks and cries to Michelle that she pushed for her to go, to try and make her think she can’t handle the factory. She’s later called over to the solicitors to discuss this matter and she, along with Jenny and Adam decide that if they are challenged, they will argue that Aidan was not in a clear state of mind when writing his will. Unfortunately, though, Rosie made one huge clerical error as she hurried off to pack for Japan. She only went and left Aidan’s will on the photocopier. Imran, unaware of the situation, finds it and rushes over to Speed Daal to give her the (as far as I’m concerned) not so good news.

Elsewhere, Kirk is out with Mrs B again. Or, Sharon. As we know, he has made Beth believe that she is just a lonely rich old lady who pays him to walk her dog. That’s mostly true, except she is not old. She is lonely though and on Friday she set up a fake date at Speed Daal (the new Bistro apparently) and appeared to have been stood up. She’d already installed Kirk as a discreet chaperone, but she later confessed to him that there was no date and she just wanted to spend time with him. Hapless Kirk tries to tell Beth he is going to stop walking Mrs B’s dog, but she is having none of it, her heart set on a holiday funded by the rich not-so-old lady. Oh no. As well as all that, Nicola convinces Eileen to move away to Bristol with her and baby Zack. She initially appears to go along with this, but we all know that Eileen is a stayer, so I doubt she will actually go. What this storyline did provide, however, was a lovely scene between Eileen and Gail, in which Eileen reminded Gail how lucky she is to have all her family so close. The infamous enemies seemed to bury the hatchet for a scene or two, but who really wants that? Ha!

I think that’s it.  A good couple of episodes. Nice and light after the explosive melodrama of late. Oh, and the highlight was undoubtedly the appearance of the silverest of all foxes – Mr Phillip Schofield.

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