Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Saying ‘Cheers to Beer’ with Coronation Street

I’m late to the party here but Friday just gone was ‘Beer Day Britain’ - a day on which British boozers were encouraged to raise a glass and say ‘Cheers to Beer’ before posting a message and photo on social media with the hashtag #CheersToBeer.

Oh well, any day that ends in ‘y’ is ‘Beer Day’ in my book so here is my #CheersToBeer photo for Tuesday as I look forward to tonight’s hour-long episode of Corrie:

I’m supping a Co-op Golden Ale from my Rovers Return dimpled tankard. I’m also rocking my Stan and Hilda Ogden pinny emblazoned with the classic Stan quote, “Drinking’s a serious business. You gotta keep at it - like training for a football match.” Very true!

I picked the beer up at the Co-op in Croydon but it should also be available in that new branch on Victoria Street in Weatherfield. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get hold of Robinsons’ Co-op IPA as it seems to have been discontinued. I liked that one because the label featured Salford Lads Club which of course sits on the corner of the real life Coronation Street.

I have also been unable to obtain the Coronation Street Premium Ale which was produced for a while by Manchester brewers J.W. Lees. I’ll always regret not having tasted that beer. Did anyone sample it? Was it any good?

There is a solid relationship between Coronation Street and beer. Most of our favourite characters like a pint and almost all episodes feature beer. I mean... can anyone remember an episode that didn't feature beer?!! A few years ago, Flaming Nora posted a very good blog on ‘British Beer Day - Coronation Street style’. You can check it out here.

Since then, the craft beer craze has become bigger and bigger in Britain and Weatherfield has not been left untouched by this phenomenon. Remember when Tim set up a microbrewery in Sally’s conservatory? Here’s a taster to wet your whistle:

Then last year, Newton and Ridley chose the Rovers to launch a new craft beer. The bloke from the brewery tried to get Peter to have a taste of ‘Miscreance’ but Leanne stepped in to save him. She seemed to enjoy it:   

Steve McDonald didn’t like the changes being made at the Rovers though, saying craft beer is “just real ale with more tattoos and fancier beards”. There’s a tattoo parlour on Victoria Street now so I’m surprised there isn’t a craft beer shop or even a BrewDog bar for another brand tie-in.

Why haven’t they done a storyline where Tim gets his home brew behind the bar of the Rovers? I also wonder if the Rovers has expanded its range of low alcohol drinks given its recent teetotal management. There are some great non-alcoholic beers, wines and spirits around now, Peter - not that you'll be landlord for much longer.

Anyway, I dare say there were a few cheers to beers said in Weatherfield last Friday night. In fact, here are a few #CheersToBeer posts that I found on that 'TwitBook' thing...

I've worked up a right thirst with all this beer blogging. I fancy a pint of Miscreance with Leanne followed by a Stallion with Steve and then hitting Sally’s conservatory to down the home brew with Tim… #CheersToBeerWithCorrie!

By Martin Leay, on Twitter @mpleay

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