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Coronation Street episode review, Friday 29 June

Events rolled along in Weatherfield tonight in two episodes.

Central to the episode is Flora's fifties themed party to celebrate her moving into a nice care home.  So we get some fifties costumes and some jiving.  Plus Steve dressing up as Elvis (in the seventies) as it is the only thing in the shop which fitted.  Tyler continues to lead Simon astray and they decide to rob Adam and Daniel's flat.  No one is that stupid especially Flora who interrupts them in the act and gets knocked out as we see above.  When she comes round tells the police she knows that Simon was there when she returned to the flat.  After some gentle police questions Peter tells Simon to do the right thing and Tyler gets charged.  Tyler then returns to the ginnel where he finds Simon cuddling Eccles and promises Simon that no-one grasses him up so he will have to pay scraping his hand against the bricks. 

Once Flora has recovered she gives Daniel her mum's engagement ring and he proposes to Sinead who accepts.

Beth and Kirk are re-united indirectly by Carla who inducts them as spies (remember Kirk wanting to be 007 a couple of weeks ago).  Kirk distracts Sarah who is alone in the office at Underworld allowing Beth to amend a new Bradshaw order from 1000 pieces to 4000 pieces under instructions from Carla as we see above - a large order which Alya will struggle to deliver on time.  Carla's reward to Beth and Kirk is to allow them to move into Aidan's old flat for the remaining 6 months on the lease, rent free.

Faye has popped back to see Tim and her presence is stopping Seb getting it on with Emma.  Seb and Faye have a clear the air session and although I suspect Faye would like him back she resigns herself to him having moved on.  Emma of course has yet to learn about Seb's medical condition and that disclosure will have to be made.

Everyone under the sun is having to look after Jack - Kev's son - and Jack cuts his knee whilst playing kickabout in the ginnel.  Now these days when you cut yourself go and wash it properly and apply some antiseptic.  Those nasty bugs are out to get you, you know.

Steve tries to sack Mike but he resigns instead - see above - and departs Weatherfield.  Steve reckons that he has been insulted in French!  Earlier Amy had told her parents that not only was she surprised that they were still together but she approved.  Tracy has realised that she loves Steve and asks how he feels.  Somewhat caught he asks her if he should ask her to marry him, but Tracy turns the tables and asks Steve to marry her. 

So they are engaged!  From his expression I am not convinced.  It was a bit chilling later when Tracy, in family celebrations that she was going to make him the best wife ever - somehow it all sounded a bit "odd". 

The Friday episodes were written by Joe Turner and directed by Suri Krishnamma.

That's your lot for tonight.  Two engagements, a knockout, some bullying and secret agents all in the mix plus a walk along the set extension as the Kate Oates era came to an end.


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Anonymous said...

Aiden's flat has a lease? Didn't he own it?

Roni said...

Yes, I recall he bought it before he and Ava were to be wed. I believe the deed was put in Ava's name and then signed it over to him after her guilty conscious got to her.

Laura said...

Yes, I remember that too.

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