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Thursday, 28 June 2018

The Problem of Peter Barlow

Guest blog post from Pat Williamson
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That Peter Barlow. Everybody loves Peter, don’t they?

Well not quite.  Peter Barlow is the Corrie character I’d most like to shove under a bus.

When I look at Peter, I see every toxic, whiney, entitled, and just plain mard bloke from whom I have ever run a mile.

Sometimes, his worst qualities take a back seat for a while, but lately, the sheer hypocrisy of his treatment of poor, sad Toyah (who is more to be pitied than mocked) has wound me up no end.
I know this might not be a particularly popular view, so I’ve been reviewing the evidence for the prosecution.

Peter has been up on his high horse about Toyah lying to him about such an important matter as little Susie’s parentage.  Because Peter never lies to his partners, does he? 

Bigamy? Could happen to anyone. 

Being unfaithful to one wife is unfortunate, being unfaithful to three wives starts to look like a pattern. Especially the last time, when he got off with Tina AT HIS WEDDING to Carla.  What a Prince!

He constantly guilt trips Ken about how he and Susan were ‘abandoned’ by their father as children. Well OK, there is some justification for this, but Peter has made Ken (who seems to mislay offspring like other people lose gloves) look like father of the year.  

I know Simon is a little toe rag, but is it any surprise?  Peter only took him on in the first place because he came with enough cash to buy the Bookies.  Then he almost burned the lad to a crisp, and spent the rest of Simon’s childhood doing serial flits; leaving Leanne to pick up the pieces.
Moan? Peter could moan for England.  You can tell with the sound off when he’s griping about something – his mouth is moving. And whatever poor little Peter does, whatever happens, its always somebody else’s fault.

Right, I’m glad I got that off my chest.  I’ll  get my coat.

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Berated said...


I honestly can't see why Peter is the popular character that he appears to be, he is awful. And I'm glad that Simon has turned out to be such a horrible, cretinous human being - serves Peter right! Deal with that, Barlow!

Anonymous said...

I'm not his biggest fan but I don't think Peter has been getting on his high horse at all. He was hurt and angry but now he's entitled to want out, just like anyone else. He was good enough to offer Toyah first refusal of his share of the Rovers. Frankly, he didn't have to do that. He doesn't owe her anything.

I did have to laugh at Toyah trying to trick him (again) so that he would talk to a relationship counsellor with her. She never learns.

Peter isn't interested in arguing with her or getting on his horse or being hypocritical about any of it. He just doesn't want anything to do with her.
Let's not forget that Simon was also dragged into Toyah's web of lies.

abbyk said...

Peter was all those things once, but he returned from his last break a changed man. He has had a zen calm, never raising his voice or a hand, never sinking into temptation for booze or women (he came close but always approached the line with anxiety and never crossed it). He’s been a great, hard working guy who tries his best with to support his family. What happened that made him such a mensch we dont know but I can accept it at least as much as anything else Corrie has served up. After working so hard to be the good man, what Toyah did was devastating. Nevertheless, Peter has remained in control of himself so far. Angry, yes, but not drinking. Chris G always gives an amazing performance and I'm looking forward to see where he takes Peter. (And Leanne, too, as Toyah has her stuck in the middle of it.)

Anonymous said...

I agree that Chris is a great actor and because of this I forgive his character for most things.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen the supposed charisma of this man for which all these women fall head over heels. Hence many of the plots fall flat for me.

Anonymous said...

Poor sad Toyah?! The same Toyah who kept the stillborn death of their son from Peter while 'replacing'their child with Eva's daughter and Peter for being hurt and angry is the bad guy?!
Granted Peter has done some terrible things in the past but the Peter we see now is a decent bloke who is struggling to stay sober and do his best.
I'm tired of female characters being portrayed as 'victims'when they lie and or cheat while the bloke they lied to and cheated on are the 'villians'

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Couldn't agree more! Have never been a fan of Peter and didn't miss him when he was gone. All he does is lounge around and smirk--like he thinks he still a cool teenage smoking in the parking lot. As to him blaming Toyah (and by extension) Leanne for Simon's recent misdeeds--that's pretty rich!

Humpty Dumpty said...

The thing I liked most about Peter was his sense of humour and it was this that made him attractive along with his rather grubby style of dress. Peter shrank when he came back with Toyah and he really hasn't been allowed to shine. The only reason we have this split is to correct a storyline mistake. IMO, it's got nothing to do with character development or story arcs. The writers want to get Peter back on his own (Toyah can do as she pleases) so they can start again. The whole baby storyline was daft. Peter isn't interested in how the surrogacy is going? It is his child after all. I'm sure the surrogate baby was a good three months older than Eva's. Peter wasn't keeping an eye on the calendar and wondering why the surrogate's pregnancy went on for 15 months? Let's fast forward and forget Peter and Toyah were ever together.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Peter and Toyah were good together. Her reasoning made sense to me....hearing Peter say the baby was the only thing keeping him off the booze...and knowing that a viable baby was about to be aborted. Toyah saved two lives that day. Peter has drama in his life, just because he did not cause it himself this time...he does not know how to deal with it. Toyah is smart....too smart for Peter. Maybe he should go back to arms crossed stern looking Leanne. lol

C in Canada said...

Just watched the scene last night where they fight in the ginnel and Peter's in tears. I think that's the most chemistry I've EVER witness between the pair.

That being said, Peter has done some awful things in the past, so perhaps it's just karma that he should be on the receiving end for once.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie from Canada:

Anonymous at 16:54, I agree completely! Peter has got up to some stuff in his life (who hasn't on that street?!) but he didn't deserve what Toyah did. But it seems to be whatever the guy does is worse than what the woman does. Carla comes to mind. She has done some absolutely vile things yet most fans think she's wonderful. I really like the actress, but Carla is really an awful person. Just my opinion, of course. :)

David said...

And just to blur fantasy and reality, I have never rated Chris’s acting ability and anyone with such an ill-thought out horrible mish mash of tattoos can never be credited with any intelligence. Please go back to sea......again!

Anonymous said...

I think Chris is a good actor however, I feel we've seen it all before regarding women and drink.

Anonymous said...

What does his tattoos have to do with it. I met Chris on a Corrie tour. He came down into the audience to sit and have a pic taken with my elderly friend who could not get up on the stage...he is sweet charismatic...and smells good! :-)

Anonymous said...

Peter's a dick and getting his just desserts. I'm still waiting for the storyline where Peter finds out Simon isn't his biological son. I mean, really..can it be any more obvious?

Mary said...

Anon 00:00
Thanks for lowering the tone.

Jo said...

Well said! You can only suspend disbelief for so long. I dared
mention this before and had people jumping down my throat, nothing against the young man at all but it does look odd


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