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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Chris Gascoyne interview: Peter's paternal problem

How has Peter been feeling since he found out about baby Susie?

He is totally devastated, he has not only found out that she is not his baby but that his real baby had died and Toyah kept it from him. He’s at a loss to know what she was thinking. He is grieving the loss of his child but it is so complex and hard for him to understand and he is really struggling with it.

What does he think when Toyah tries to get him to speak to a counsellor?

I think he is stunned really that she thinks this is something that can be fixed through counselling. He thinks she is the one that needs counselling not him and he is not in the headspace where he is ready to talk to her calmly about any of this.

Do you think he could ever forgive her?

I can’t see how. They have been through such a lot together and he truly loved her but this is another level of betrayal, Peter has done some crazy things in his time but I think this even transcends anything he has done. What she did was really cruel and it has made him question whether he even knows his woman at all. 

What about the business?

The last place Peter wants to be at the moment is playing Mein Host behind the bar with Toyah. Living at number one with his dad is far preferable an option, which says it all really. He has to come to a decision about what to do with the pub. What Toyah has done has tainted everything for him. 

Simon’s behaviour is getting worse, do you think Peter has taken his eye off the ball where Simon is concerned?

Peter was aware that Simon was playing up and mixing with the wrong crowd but he thought he had sorted it all out. He has taken his eye off the ball. He had a lot on his plate with the baby and running the pub and Simon has suffered as a consequence. He thinks he has been a good dad recently but just because he is around it doesn’t mean he has been present, he has been distracted.

Is he shocked to find out Simon has been suspended? 

He is really shocked and it is made worse by the fact that he missed the meeting with Simon’s headmaster because he was seeing an estate agent about the pub. He and Leanne are at their wits end and meanwhile Simon is still not coming clean about what he is up to.

What happens when Simon steals money from the cafe till?

Simon just refuses to speak to them about it, he has got caught up with a bad crowd and he won’t snitch on them. He refuses to answer police questions.

Why do you think Simon has got in with the wrong crowd?

I think Simon has always been looking for something, for a family, he has never felt like he belonged and this gang make him feel like he is part of something. It is sad really because all his life he has never felt like he fitted in.

Does Peter blame himself when he finds out about what happened to Flora?

Peter blames himself for a lot and how Simon has turned out is a source of real guilt for him. Peter has his own issues with his dad and he wanted it to be different for him and Simon but history is repeating itself.

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