Sunday, 17 June 2018

Corrie Comicals Week Ending 15 June 2018

Early on Monday evening Ryan tried to mainsplain the entertainment business to Michelle.  Now as I recall Michelle has been in entertainment as a singer, so her look above reflects the pain of being talked down to by the insufferable and unemployable Ryan (who after all is not really her son).  Is anyone else struck by the two "sons" not looking like the same age?

School reports - Steve was apparently "a highly valued member of the class", a stock phrase according to the two former teachers.  Kirk had a report in July 1990 from Miss Furlong: "Kirk has an unusual quality of mind" and he wants to know if that was also a stock phrase.  Neither Brian nor Mike feels able to answer the question - which is no doubt code for "a real nutter"!

Tim reads as though he is being a touch nasty to the departing Eileen here.  It is of course all a setup - when she turns up at the StreetCars office he has a bottle of bubbly and Liz turns up with food and drink for everyone to celebrate her departure.

Amazingly this week Steve seems not to be competing for a gurning prize which we can see Nicola winning all hands down when Tim tries an American accent.  And that is more or less the last we see of her as she goes to Bristol.  The last person to go to Bristol was Andy Carver and he never got there of course.

Eileen was her usual big hearted person to the last as she first makes sure that Seb does not have anywhere else to live before offering him the chance to stay on for a month whilst she finds a tenant.  I suspect she would be less amused by his first decision which is to let his mother, Abi, stay for the night.  BTW I reckon that Eileen ought to have asked Sean, Abi and Seb to share; but is anyone else worried about Sean's apparent lack of readies, because I am?

The Underworld factory staff had been dancing - with Beth waving her knickers in the air (which I failed to catch), but Alya put a stop to that - they need to ship the order she has just reminded them.

And this lady is calling herself Eileen.  It is of course Abi as she tells the estate agent she has changed her mind over renting out number 11 and it is no longer on the market.  Her deceit is helped by the estate agent had sent one of the junior staff to conduct the viewing and is not the boss with whom Eileen has been dealing.  Lucky co-incidence!

And I had almost put this week to bed when I spotted acting among the extras.  The lady at the back was shaking her head at Dirk as Alya was explaining she was now the boss.  Can anyone name her?

See you next week.

Writers: Martin Allen and Carmel Morgan (Monday), Jayne Hollinson and Mark Burt (Wednesday), Ellen Taylor (Friday)
Directors: Ian Bevitt (Monday), Michael Lacey (Wednesday & Friday)


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Anonymous said...

Bonnie in Canada

I can't stand Abi. I hope she's not around for long.

Rapunzel said...

Really Bonnie? I think she’s fabulous. I’m enjoying her immensely.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Rapunzel. Having seen her in Shameless. She really is an excellent actress

Anonymous said...

Bonnie in Canada:

I think the actress is great. But for me, Gemma and Beth are gobby and obnoxious enough without adding Abi to the mix. But it's only the character I dislike, nothing against the actress.

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