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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Corrie Comicals Week Ending 8 June 2018

Right back from holiday, find the keyboard, watch six episodes and then remember I need to post this little reminder of last week.  With Pat really, truly dead (no Eileen did not use a compact to check he was not breathing) a new villain is around.  And luckily for this blogger the comedy quotient has been upped to stratospheric levels!

Anyway Beth gets the first strike tonight as we see her above remarking that there is no such thing as bad publicity and the Viaduct Bistro will be ultra busy as a result!

As a reminder of Gemma's reformed nature it was lovely to have this snippet.  Rosie and Gemma have worked so well together - one privately educated moppet and one refugee from the local sink estate - and they understand each other so well.  Here Rosie is asking if Gemma still has the coke to plant on Antoine.  Gemma winds her right up with the answer shown and takes several minutes before saying that once she might have done that but not now.  Hope this partnership can resume at some future time.

And a snappy aside from Mary referring to the crime scene at the Bistro - I did not know the Bistro even did early bird discounts (and of course completely contradicting Beth's view above that the rubber neckers will be descending in vast hordes!).

Rosie described herself as a hero in getting the drug dealers busted.  Sophie (who did NOT go to private school) corrects her - "Heroine".  To which Rosie responds as we see above!  Wonderful throwaway line there!

Roy in disguise - but still with both his usual anorak and carrier bag!  Plus the earlier wonderful line to Cathy where he referred to himself as randy - he then sought to explain that he meant James Randi who exposed hoaxers.  Later he valued Lewis' word as being on a par with the Confederate Dollar and Weimar Reichsmark.

Kirk masterfully described the difficulties of visiting toilets in some stores where you are handed soap, a towel and then offered a plate and you take only 50p.  Most confusing - but why would want to tip someone who has watched you undertake such a personal function?  As an aside I am visiting Manchester shortly but my most recent tram use was in Bordeaux where you buy tickets from the machines at the stops.  Do Manchester tram stops really have two staffed ticket offices or is this ITV licence?

I love dogs so thought that Chewie being obedient deserved a look in!  Not at all sure about his strange owner, Mrs Utterly Butterly.

Eileen returns Gail's dish and absorbs Gail's rude comments - as above which then continued with "or too thin, or too tasteless" - but Eileen responded that it was actually very, very nice - which certainly brought a look of surprise to Gail's face as Eileen added that it had been very kind of Gail. 

And there was more - but this is late and it was a reminder that the writers can do comedy alongside the darker stuff - which is why I am here.  And I have not mentioned This Morning or the Steve Day Care Centre or the great Archer escape!  A lovely week.

Writers - Simon Crowther & Mark Wadlow (Monday), Chris Fewtrell (Wednesday),  Susan Oudot (Friday).  Directors - John Anderson (Monday and Wednesday), Ian Bevitt (Friday).


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Louby said...

There was some brilliant comedy in last week's episodes. Roy and his Motorhead cap perfectly complimented by his beige anorak! Cathy and the avalanche on the Great Orme catastrophe!

We need more of this!


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