Thursday, 14 June 2018

Sue Cleaver will return to Coronation Street

Eileen got a good send-off on last night's Coronation Street with a party in the cab office. But will she be back in Weatherfield? 

The answer is yes.

According to Metro online, they say that actor Sue Cleaver will be returning to Coronation Street as Eileen Grimshaw.

She is simply taking a break.

After the run-in with Phelan and all the hassle he's put her through over the last few months, who can blame her for wanting a rest!

But will Abi and Seb still be at Eileen's house when she returns? Oh, I do hope so.

Find out who else is taking a break, leaving or returning to Coronation Street.

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Craig said...

I'm surprised to read elsewhere that Nicola has left for good. I've seen the actress's "farewell" tweet, but I still feel like it would have been properly acknowledged in the press before her departure that she was leaving for good. And putting her up for Best Newcomer at the Soap Awards just seems odd if she had already left. Time will tell if it's a red herring or not.

Rapunzel said...

Nicola is such a fabulous character. I hope they bring her back.

Joseph said...

Yeah I want Nicola back too! There's a lot more to explore with that character.

Anonymous said...

Yes, bring Nicola back but keep Eileen away for good!

abbyk said...

Nicola is a good character played by a talented actress. I’m sure Nicola Thorp will have plenty of other opportunities but there is so much potential for Nicola Rubenstein on the street, selfishly, I hope she comes back.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie in Canada

I grew to really like Nicola. Abi can leave any time, hopefully sooner than later.

Chaise Pomme said...

Come back, Nicola! Eileen can stay in Bristol for good!

Anonymous said...

—M in Toronto—
If what l just read online is true Nicola is gone for good. How sad. The character Nicola was strong, forthright, caring and lovable and all without being even remotely over the top. The actress Nicola is excellent at her chosen profession. Both will be missed!

Anonymous said...

Unlike some, Eileen can’t come back soon enough for me. Love the character!

Anonymous said...

Please let this be one time there is a personality transplant on return.

Karen said...

They had an opportunity to kill off Nichola and they didn't, she is just going to Bristol. So the possibility of her making a return for a visit is entirely there in the background.....maybe.....kinda. Still waiting for Eileens boys to show up again.

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