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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Coronation Street Weekly Update, February 28th 2011

Hello again update readers. With a steaming cup of coffee and a slice of my neice’s bestest chocolate cake, let’s get right down to Weatherfield to see what’s been happening this week. Though to be honest it’s not been a great one.

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In the dead of night and making sure that he’s not seen, Steve posts an envelope full of used tenners through the Alahan’s letter box. Dev and Sunita soon work out that it must be from whoever looted the shop after the tram crash and it must have been someone they know. But having the money back isn’t enough for Dev, he wants justice so the pair of the um and ah and ah and um for what seems like an eternity over whether to call in the police. When Steve tells Becky what he’s done, she points out that his DNA will be all over it and if the police get involved he’ll be bang to rights in no time. Faced with the prospect of another spell in the big house Steve goes to see Dev and Sunita and owns up to the theft and then after telling Becky, she does the same and gets thrown out of the newly refurbished shop. There are then some very harsh words from Steve to Becky as he gives her one last, final, never again, no absolutely not, chance … again. All very tedious for this viewer. I like Steve and Becky as a couple, there’s great humour and affection there but we just seem to be going round in circles with them.

When he isn’t finishing the corner shop in double quick time, Owen’s plotting revenge on Eileen. Knowing that Eileen’s going to be out, he pinches Jason’s house keys while he’s in the toilet and breaks in to Eileen’s to look for the dodgy dossier. Back at the yard he puts his books in order and shreds all the incriminating evidence before calling in the police. Eileen is arrested for fraud and taken in for questioning where she immediately confesses all and is very contrite, all of which means she gets away with a caution. When she gets home, she finds that the dossier is missing and when she confronts Owen he admits he took it but there’s not really anything she can do about it except tell everybody, including Izzy, what a scumbag he is.
Over in the hairdressing salon, David is getting all high and mighty. He’s now calling himself ‘Creative Director’ and is nicking all Maria’s clients, so she quits. Meanwhile Carla is all disorganised in the Underworld office since Michelle left. Hmmm, I wonder where this could be leading. Carla says that all she needs is someone with common sense, so why she offers the job to Maria, who can’t walk and chew gum, when Julie and Sean are both angling for it is anybody’s guess? When it comes to dealing with fishy Frank, we find out that what Carla was after was not common sense after all, but a pretty face and a pair of breasts.

As well as bigging up his job at the salon, David is in love with a girl, Candy, who he met on holiday in Tenerife. So enamoured is he, that he proposes to her by text and she accepts. His mother and grandmother are absolutely horrified that he should propose to someone he hardly knows. If they think that’s bad, just wait until the meet her and find out who she really is.

In other news, Julie was worried that something might have happened at Tyrone’s when she woke up the morning after on his sofa, without her bra on, but it turns out it was just a bit of Dirty Dancing brought on by too much red wine and the pair of them eventually make their peace. And what’s happened to Graeme? Since he took up with Tina, his spark seems to have gone. It’s about time he had a look down the back of the sofa.

And that’s it for this week.

This week’s writers were: Damon Rochefort, Mark Wadlow, Peter Whalley and Jim Cartwright.

1 comment:

Frosty the Snowman said...

I find it hard to believe that David didnt know who Kylie/Candy was, or perhaps he was having an epliptic fit when she was ubitquitos in the Rovers/Roys/the Street in general. She even bedded his mate Gary and he didnt know her? The stories seem to be getting beyond silly lately.

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