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Tuesday 22 March 2011

No reconciliation for Sally and Kevin

In a smart move, Phil Collinson has told Inside Soap that the Websters will not be reconciling in the foreseeable future. Via Digital Spy reporting on the question and answer article in the magazine, we find out that he thinks "we have to do it justice and show what happens when a marriage collapses" and I think he's right. I think there's far too much water under the burned bridge now after Kevin's affair and baby have devastated the family unit. I know on soaps, favourite couples like Ken and Deirdre make up, break up and get back together over and over, but this time I think it should be permanent between Sal and Kev.

Even though I do realize that Sally has had affairs, the fact remains that the marraige broke up the first time when Kevin had an affair with Natalie Barnes while Sally was nursing her mother. This time, the marriage again has imploded after Kevin's affair with his best friend's wife, which resulted in a baby that he's now raising after Molly's untimely death and Tyrone not able to accept the child as his own. Kevin was willing to ignore Sally's affair with Ian Davenport, not willing to give up his family and he didn't want to give it up after having the affair with Molly either, not when he got that sharp wakeup call when Sally became ill.

Ironically, staying with Sally then was probably the straw that broke the camel's back because to Sally, it felt like he stayed with her out of pity rather than him realizing what he was about to lose, literally, making him see sense. After all their ups and downs, affairs and one divorce under their belt, only to be betrayed yet again, I can't see how Sally could ever trust Kevin again. And now that the girls are grown and becoming more independent, Sally won't have to use them as an excuse to let Kevin back in.

For Kevin's part, as always, he watches Sally with puppy dog sad eyes, wanting her and his family back even though he knows he blew it spectacularly. He thinks anything is forgiveable but if the shoe were on the other foot, if Sally's affair with Davenport had produced a baby, you can bet he would have shut the door on her and locked it firmly. He did almost that when she had a fling with Greg Kelly, insisting that he keep the girls, too, but he did want her back after Greg hurt Sally and was finally chased away.

No, I think it's time the Websters started in new directions. I doubt Sally will go the distance with JAlfie but it's good for her to have a little fun and have a relationship that gives her some confidence back.


mister_tmg said...

I agree completely, but I fear Kevin will become a spare part.

Anonymous said...

If I were Sally I wouldn't have Kevin back unless he got rid of that manky bomber jacket! How long has he had that now?

Nurse Florence Ganderpoke said...

Oh, that manky bomber jacket drives me mad too! I don't want them back together, it's much more interesting now they're apart.

Llywela said...

The big question is just what the show will do with Kevin now. He can't hang around scowling forever. Sally interacts with a wide variety of characters, which keeps her character busy whether the rebound fling with JAlfie goes the distance or not, but Kevin cuts a very isolated figure these days. I can see a lot of potential interest in seeing them both start to forge new lives and figuring out how to reconcile those new lives with their 25 years of history together...but Kevin desperately needs to start forging a few connections with other characters as a starting point.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Dont know about Kev's bomber jacket but what about his monobrow? LOL. I did read somewhere that Kevin's storylines are going to explore life as a single father and I think that could be good. I would think it Sally who could become the spare part, who is interested in her relationship with the smarmy Jeff, not me.


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