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Sunday 27 March 2011

Winners and Losers: Fri Mar 25, 2011 Corrie Episode Review



Written by Mark Wadlow, directed by Duncan Foster

Janice and Trev are having a breakfast in the cafe and talking about the night before.  Trev complains about being a bin man again – the early starts and gross stuff being spilledMar-25-2011-Jan-bye on you.  Janice reminds him that he needs that job.  He leaves for work saying he’ll call her later.  Janice tells Julie when she comes into the cafe that her and Trev ended up in a full blown snog until he passed out on the sofa.  Janice meets up with Leanne on the street and tells her about Trev.  Janice is worried that Trev doesn’t fancy her – never have, never will.  Later, Trev told off his line manager and got sacked.  He tells Janice this in the Rovers and Janice is shocked.  Trev tells Janice that last night was life-changing for him.  I wish a take-away and some cans could make me feel that way.  Trev tells her he’s got a car that he’ll be travelling to Spain in.  Say, what?  Janice tells Trev she’s upset that he’s going away again. She confesses that she really likes him and always has.  She doesn’t want him to go, so Trev asks her to come with him.

Mar-25-2011-Liz-Jim It’s unseasonable cold over at the Rovers.  It’s heating up though, since Jim barges in asking Steve what he’s doing.  Steve thinks it’s Liz who’s sending Jim around.  Jim says that he’s there on his own volition, and wants to put things straight.  They’re told from Jim that Liz is in a hotel in town, not in Spain.  Steve thinks Jim has had a wasted journey.  He also thinks his father is up to something.  In Roy’s, Jim tells Liz how he went to see Steve and Becky.  Jim thinks that Becky has Steve under her thumb.  Well, gee, Jim tell us something we don’t know.  Liz tries to think of ways to buy the Rovers.  Jim suggests she go to the bank manager, and he’ll come with her, but she’ll go on her own.  Liz comes back unsuccessfully from the bank. 

Over at Sally’s it’s the morning after what looks like was a good night with Jeff.  Sally is surprised to see him downstairs making a brewMar-25-2011-kev-happy since she thought he’d have legged it having somewhere better to be, but he says he cancelled his calls.  Jeff’s happy that Sally makes him breakfast since he’s used to catching things on the go.  There’s a knock at the door and fearing it’s Kevin, Jeff hides upstairs.  It is Kevin, and he wants in but he’s not allowed.  Later, Kev tells Steve and  Tyrone about his divorce meeting today.  Kevin complains to Steve about Sally who is kicking him out of what he thinks is his home.   

Steve tells Kev later that he’ll be heading to divorce court on his own soon enough.  Kev thought he and Becky were rock solid.  Show’s Mar-25-2011-Tyrone-bust how much he knows.  Kev scratches a card and realizes he’s won two hundred thousand quid!  Maybe Becky overhears this so she has someone new to steal from again.  Steve tries to claim that the winning ticket is his since he let him go in line before him.  Kevin buys the bar a round.  Tyrone hears this and can’t believe Kevin’s luck I’m sure.  Tyrone overhears Kevin gloat about how he and Sally are separated and this money is “his.”  Kev shows up for the divorce meeting after celebrating with a few drinks.  Sally is disgusted that he shows up drunk.  Both Kevin and Sally sign off on their divorce papers.  Kev tells Sally they could tear all those forms up and walk out of there.  He asks her if she’s absolutely sure she wants their marriage to end.  Sally says the trust is gone and she’s sure and signs the papers.  Just as she starts to sign, Tyrone busts in an tells Sally not to sign, since Kev has won a load of money today on a scratch card.  Ha-ha.  Mar-25-2011-John-Fiz

Fiz is preparing home for John’s return and giving Chesney a lecture about mental health.  Chesney reminds her that John is lucky to have someone as understanding as her.  He’s right, especially since John is a murdering liar, outside of his mental health issues.  She leaves Ches to babysit Hope when she goes to get John.  John’s back and looks exactly the same, only with a better hair cut.  John is delighted to see his baby and notices how many things the baby has.  Fiz says they’ve got generous friends and neighbours.  Will she tell John about Joy Fishwick’s money?  John tells them he has profound issues of self-esteem.

Jim bumps into Owen, a.k.a. “Bob the Builder” (does that joke ever get old?) in Roy’s.  A letter comes in the post for Roy, and he reads it and immediately throws it in the bin.  Anna is upset that her review meeting for adopting Faye has been moved again.  Roy reminds her that the cogs of social services move very slow.  Gary is still using Chesney’s van to “move things” or whatever.  The Armstrong girls are still in love with their ginger men. 


Written by Joe Turner, directed by Duncan Foster

Mar-25-2011-Sally-divorce-heaig Kevin is angered and the solicitors says this is an unusual situation.  They were married when he got that ticket, so Kevin thinks she’s getting nowt.  The solicitors think they should get clarification of the legal situation, and they only need a minute.  The solicitors can’t come up with an answer, so they say they need another arbitration meeting in a week or so. Kev figures they just want to charge more money now and insists Sally signs them, but she’s not signing anything.  Sally and Kevin wash their dirty laundry in the lawyer’s office but it does no good.  Sally says as long as Kev’s sitting on two grand, the divorce is off.  Later in the pub, Sally buys Tyrone a joke thanking him since she’d never have known if it weren’t for him.  Everyone tells Sally she’s entitled to half of Kevin’s money and she’ll get every penny of it.  Meanwhile, Kevin and his mates say that the money’s his, and Owen even suggests putting it in his baby’s name since who would take money from a baby?  Besides Kylie Turner?  Kev tries again to get Sally back saying they could share the money together, but Sally says there’s no amount of money in the world that would buy him another chance.

Janice actually thought twice about leaving with Trev!  Thankfully she came to her sense soon enough and said “yes.”  Janice tells Leanne about Trev’s proposition.  LeanneMar-25-2011-Jan-Trev-snog thinks you can’t go off with a bloke you’re not sure about.  Oh, she’s never done anything stupid or anything.  Janice says they’re getting the ferry tonight.  Janice wants one good reason why she should stay around there, and Leanne says her.  Jan reminds her she’s got Peter and Simon, unless she’s thinking of having another affair.  Leanne says she’ll always need her, but Jan’s miserable.  Leanne figures she’s been drinking and Janice gets upset and shouts “goodbye” and leaves.  Janice is packing up the car with Trev and wonders if this is a good idea.  Trev asks if she’s changed her mind, but she tells him no.  Janice meanders over her bags, but Trev snogs her before she has a chance to stutter anymore.  Jan sees Leanne run over as they prepare to drive the car away and orders Trev to start the car.  Trev gets out so that she can say goodbye.  Leanne hands her some Euros left from her trip and tearfully asks for a postcard.  Leanne figures she won’t like it and she’ll be back.  Trev says this vacation will last longer than a week, and we all know he’s right.  Jan thinks that everyone coming out of the Rovers is there to wave her off, so they drive through a puddle soaking everyone as Janice drives off out the window shouting “losers!” 

Mar-25-2011-Roy-Hayles Roy is hiding something from Hayley and she interrogates him.  He says it’s nothing to worry about, but Hayley hopes it’s a lovely big secret surprise for her cause she has no idea why he’d lie to her otherwise.  Roy tells Hayley that he’s sorry he lied to her.  He hands her a letter that arrived from his mother that morning.  He doesn’t want to open it.  Roy says he tried to throw it away, but he couldn’t.  Hayley wants to know why he’s so frightened.  Roy’s afraid that she’s ill or dead.  Hayley opens it for Roy.  The letter says that Roy’s stepfather is dead, and she’s sorry.  Roy tells Hayley he last saw his stepdad over thirty years ago, and he won’t go to the funeral since it’d feel hypocritical.  Roy says he’ll send a card since that seems appropriate. 

Izzy asks her dad for two thousand pounds, but he wants to know what for and she can’t tell him.  She says it’s important, and sheMar-25-2011-Owen needs him to trust her.  She says she’s not pregnant, not gambling and isn’t on drugs.  Therefore, Owen thinks it’s not important.  She insists it is, and Owen wants to know what it’s for.  She tells him she wants to lend it to Gary so he can buy a van.  Owen tells her no way, but she says he’s doing really well trying to make a living.  Owen says that he’s not giving to her since she signed a lease for Katy.  Gary is upset that Izzy went behind his back asking money from her dad for him.  He doesn’t like being kept out of the loop. 

Good news for the Windasses, they’ve been to the adoption meeting and Faye has told them that she wants to live with the Windasses.  Faye will now be placed with them permanently. 

Julie goes to update John and Fiz about the gossip of Kev’s winnings in the pub.  She tries to encourage them to come ‘round, but the Stapes aren’t sure.  John figures it might be good to go over there for a quick one.  Julie says that she’s going to go to the pub before them to tell everyone they’re coming so that no one stares!


- Sally to Kev: “Our marriage is over.  I’m a free agent, and you can go to hell.”  You tell ‘em Sal!

- Jim and Liz ordering Ulster Fry’s!!!  Roy’s always makes me hungry.  Mar-25-2011-JUulie-jacket

- I love Julie’s pink ruffled collar coat! 

- Is it just me, or was Liz wearing a very tasteful outfit?  She should pretend every day is a meeting with the bank manager.  Even if he is 18 and wearing a crimply shirt. ;-)

- Tyrone busting in to bust Kevin for keeping  mum about his lottery windfall before Sally signs the divorce papers.  He’s a hero!

- Solicitor to Tyrone: “Who is this?” Tyrone: “Tyrone Dobbs, ex-best mate and cheated on husband.”  Is that on his calling card too? 

- Jan to Trev: “You’re asking me to leave everything [nothing] to go travel around the world [he said Spain] with you?”

- Julie wanting Sean to let her know if she’s going nuts, or suffering from Alzheimer's.  I think the two of them are funny together. 

- Julie telling John that she’ll go to the pub before him and tell everyone they’re coming so that “no one stares.” LOL

- The men and the women divided in the pub with the opinion as to who is entitled to the winnings: Sally or Kev.  Plus, how Rosie comes in and is swayed to join either team, and without much hesitation walks past Jason to join the ladies.  She’s not as dumb as we think perhaps. 


- Kevin going on about Sally having a bloke over the night before the sign their divorce papers.  Hmm, the fact that they’re divorcing because he had an affair that he spawnedMar-25-2011-Jan-splash a child from kind of nullifies any hurt feelings he has. 

- Kevin wins the lottery?!  SO unfair. 

- John: “I’ve made some terrible mistakes in life.”  Yeah, no kidding. 

- As if Janice actually has to THINK about whether or not she’ll go with Trev!

- Kev hiding the money from Sally!  Yeah, that’s right, I’m on the ladies side. 

- Why would Rosie wave Janice goodbye anyway?  Serves her right for getting wet.

- Why does Janice hate everyone when she leaves?!


Anonymous said...

It was two hundred grand,not two grand.

Anonymous said...

What a laugh at Stape not wanting to see Julie!

Loved seeing Jim back!


Anonymous said...

The highlight of this episode for me was Sally Dynevor's acting. She's the Dame Maggie Smith of the Street, as far as I am concerned.

She has gone through all different emotions, from initial shock at discovering Kevin's betrayal, to anger, to anxiety about starting agin, to regret about the marriage ending and back to anger in this episode. She's always convincing, never over the top and compelling.


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