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Sunday 20 March 2011

Corrie weekly awards for March 14 - 18

Force to be Reckoned With Award: Gold Star: Liz quite rightly tore a massive strip off Steve and Becky.

Short Memory Award: Vacant Star: Deirdre can't remember the last time she got dressed up. Wedding? Peter and Leanne?

Hypocrite Award: Platinum Star: So much for contrition. Sally and Kevin have a blazing row at Sophie's bedside.
Gold Star: Why is Dev drinking in the Rovers? The Flying Horse isn't that far away.

Ambient song of the week "There Goes My Everything" while Claudia was moaning about her "cheating" Marc.

Tandem Award: The Renshaw Twins again! Yay!

Twilight Zone Award: Gold Star: Liz probably does feel like she landed in another world. But hey, doesn't anyone phone or text the news?

Interfering Parents Award: Gold Star: Owen tried to yank the flat out from under Katy and Ches.

Coward Award: Yellow Star: Marc and his explanations about his life. His sister? Really?

Fashion award of the Week: Liz's Red and Black Bolero look!

Lines of the week:
Sally to Kevin: "Never too late to do some parenting, is it?" (Zing!)
Graeme about Xin: "She's the stud to my muffin"
Steve: "Do you take this lunatic to be your lawful wedded wife? Will they exchange rings or ringtones?"
Liz: "That's what you get for murder these days, is it? A mini-break?"
Deirdre: "My two favourite women in one place!"
Tracy about Maria: "Next to me? Shrek... on steroids"
Frank: "I don't know about hard work, but you're no chore to look at" (Hard work? she's not hard work at all. Snap your fingers and she's in your bed!)
Steve: "I am SO tired of this!" (nightmares of Karen?)


Frosty the Snowman said...

The only one with any guts award : Liz for standing up to not only Becky but Tracy as well. (great picture by the way)

Sweet and Naive or Downright Stupid Award: Katie and Chesney for wanting a baby when she is still at school, do they really know how much attention a baby needs:

Pooper Scooper and Dettol Award: Shmeikel a big big dog with big big,er needs cooped up in an upstairs flat.

Most irritating pair award: Sophie and Sian as usual back to their whining and moaning ways. If Sophie had ended up like Jackson in Emmerdale in a wheelchair THEN she may have something to complain about.

Most ridiculous foghorn award: Tina with her secret tete a tetes with Xin, suddenly SHOUTING your a cow when anyone appears. So stupid and attention drawing.

Stupidest Christmas dinner award: The preposterous fiasco with Xin and Grahame with Emily and Norris, trying to get the biggest busybody on the street on to your scam is not intelligent, plus arent digital pictures dated these days?

Miss Rudeness award: Why was Sunita so snotty with Liz, its not her fault that Becky nicked their cash and she hasnt even been there for 6 months.

Biggest Employment Mistake Award: Carla is slowly cottoning on that taking on pretty but thick as two short planks Maria is not going to enhance her business at all.

Anonymous said...

Sophie didn't complain about anything??

Tvor said...

Digital cameras can have the date option turned off. I certainly don't like the date ruining my pictures.

Agree with the Christmas fiasco though, it was horrible but it did serve to make Norris more suspicious and his interfering might bring a slight bit of interest to that plot. Might.

I loved Liz this week, digging and getting to the bottom of it all and then giving Steve and Becky holy old hell!

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

Liz, who in the good old bad old days, would normaly have me reaching for the fast fwd, was by far the highlight of the week. It's about time somebody put a bomb under Steve as far as Becky's concerned, I mean there's only so much of Tracy continuously putting one up Steve's rear end a viewer can take!

The whole Becky in self destruct mode is slapworthy, I think it's been done to death and I'm well over it.

Something we haven't had to put up with for quite so long but is already nauseating would have to be the entire Xin thing. The character AND the storyline, (but especialy the character), are "five star" slapworthy in my book... Yuk!!
Tina just steamrolls over Graeme to get her "out of nowhere" bestie a permanent visa. Poor Graeme, you just know it's not going to turn out well and he'll probably end up on the run in France with Clurr :(

In saying all this, Corrie is still one of my long time favourite things on tv since the 70's. Husbands may come and go but you can always rely on Corrie to be that constant in your life that won't let you down. Even when it's's still good :)

Sea Penguin said...

It was such a relief to see Liz back. I would normally agree that when Corrie's bad it's still good - but not at the moment - as a long-time fan I am still watching though, in the hope that it will pick up - it must!


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