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Tuesday 15 March 2011

Coronation Street Weekly Update, March 14th 2011

Hello again update readers. It’s been great fun filling in for Glenda for the past month or so and it’s time to pass the mantle on again. Glenda will be back in about 3 weeks and next week you’ve got Richard keeping you up to date with the goings on down Coronation Street. After last week’s aberration, things are looking up again this week and so without further ado, let’s find out what’s been going on in Weatherfield.

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It’s been a traumatic week for the Websters. Kevin tells Sally, who has a posh new hairdo paid for by Jalfie and looks fantastic, that Lloyd and Cheryl have increased their offer for number 4 and he’s accepted it, so Sally has to start hunting for somewhere else for her and Sophie to live. Sophie suggests to Sian that they look for somewhere together but she points out that with only Sophie’s wages from the shop to support them, they’ve little hope of finding anywhere. Sophie’s in a right strop with her which isn’t improved when she catches Sian chatting online to a girl she met on holiday. She denies there’s anything going on but the pair of them have a huge row which ends up with them going their separate ways and Sophie telling Sunita where she can put her job.

Getting little support from her parents, her best friend and partner seeming to have fallen out of love with her and not even loved by god any more, Sophie turns to the most reliable friend a teenager has, cheap cider. Sunita tries to help her but she’s having none of it, she tells Kevin what she’s seen but he’s too busy with Jack to care about his daughter. Worse the wear for drink, she goes to the church and watches the choir practising but they don’t care about her either so she climbs up onto the roof to talk to god. The creepy pastor manages to talk her down but as she stands up she slips and falls off the roof and lands on a car roof below. She’s rushed to hospital where she’s given a scan and x-rays and fortunately has got away with a broken rib, a fractured wrist and a few cuts and bruises. Sally and Kevin are distraught and after Sally finds out that Sunita had warned Kevin about the state Sophie was in they have a blazing row over Sophie’s hospital bed.

Sian has made up with Sophie and lets rip into Sally and Kevin telling them that the way they’ve behaved towards their daughter, she’s surprised Sophie didn’t jump. Maybe if they’d talked to her and listened to her a bit more, then she wouldn’t have gone off the rails. Sally and Kevin are chastened by Sian’s outburst and after they all return home they play happy families for a while. Kevin cooks them all beans on toast and Sally asks him to stay a while and share a bottle of wine. They reminisce about the kids and the happy times they spent together and then Sally offers him a nightcap. She cries, he comforts her, he tries to kiss her and so she throws him out.

Claudia has a date planned with Marc but he cancels at the last minute. Audrey convinces her she should have it out with him and so they play Cagney and Lacey and go and spy on his house. They see him put the rubbish out, which they deduce means that he is tidying up and if he’s tidying up then that must mean he’s expecting the company of a lady. After all why else would a man be tidying up? They continue the stake out and eventually see a woman emerge from the house, confirming their suspicions. When they confront Marc later in the pub, he seems on the verge of confessing something but tells them that the woman they saw was his sister. Aud and Claud are not convinced and so he slinks away with his tail between his legs.

Things are tense at the Rovers now that Kylie is back on the Street but she tells Becky that she doesn’t want Max back. Things get even worse when Liz returns from her extended trip to Spain and is unaware that Steve and Becky have had to hand over custody of Amy to Tracy or even that Tracy has been released from prison. Wait until she finds out that Tracy’s working behind the bar and why she’s got such a hold over Steve, then the sparks are really going to fly!

Fiz brings Hope back from the hospital and given her fragile condition, is very concerned about cleanliness in the house. So it’s no wonder she takes against the huge, slobbering Great Dane that swans around the place like he owns it. She wants Schmeichel out and so Chesney and Katy start plotting their escape. With Janice now living with Julie, there’s an empty flat that they might just be able to afford and Katy wants to make babies too. Chesney mulls this over for a while but they’re young and in love so can’t see the pitfalls of such a course and he agrees.

Graeme, Tina and Xin start to put the plan to keep Xin in the country into operation. The first thing that needs to be done is for Graeme and Tina to split up, which they do very publicly and loudly in the Rovers. Xin moves all her stuff into the flat and Tina goes to stay with Rita. Graeme and Xin invite Emily and Norris round for tea and decorate the flat as though it’s Christmas, pretending that it’s a late Chinese New year celebration. It’s yet more contrivance to allow them to get some historical photographs to help give some substance to their artifice.

Elsewhere, Norris has renamed the newsagent’s back to The Kabin, which pleases Rita whose flat is now ready for her to move back into. She’s wary of it as she’s lost everything, so it’s just four walls to her now. But in a very touching scene, Tina presents her with a box of things that she managed to recover from the wreckage, including some of her old photos and ornaments. David and Kylie have set a wedding date of 8th April. Faye comes to stay with the Windasses again but any progress they’ve made with her is lost after Eddie washes her dirty, old blankie which still retained the smell of her mother. The Renshaw twins made another appearance in the salon, lapping up all the juicy gossip of Claudia’s love life.

And that’s it for this week.

This week’s writers were: Jan McVerry, Ellen Taylor, Debbie Oates, Simon Crowther and Jim Cartwright.


Anonymous said...

Schmeichel HAS to stay please!

Glenda Young said...

Well done, Sunny Jim. Hope you clean out the weekly updates office before you go.

gab said...

mary really annoyed me this week-i used to find her funny now shes jsut a nasty old stalker with no feelings for rita and what she went through

as for the xin/graeme storyline please spare me itsgetting ridiculous now


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