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Monday 14 March 2011

Aud and Claude - the Thelma and Louise of the North-West

OK, I admit - this time last week I was at a low ebb where Corrie was concerned. Many of my fellow bloggers commented on the dire state of Street storylines and I could only agree. However, I think a Corrie Spring may just be around the corner!

Yes, some recent stories have been, to put it mildly, real clunkers. The Tina/Graeme/Xin plot, for me at any rate, is pretty awful. The character of Xin has been shoe-horned into the series in such a way that it is difficult to find any sympathy for her. Plus I hate those hideous nodding Chinese cats that are now littering up the flat. Sophie Webster has gone from angelic would-be-nun to cider-soaked whingebag in a short space of time. The Websters are starting to become a bit tiresome and the sooner Kev and Sal go their separate ways, the better.

I worry about the continuing harridanisation (yes, I know it's not a proper word but it looks good) of Fiz who these days is not such much of a Fiz as a Splutter. Even the joy of a new baby (perhaps she should have called it Joy in honour of Dead Mrs Warboys) doesn't bring a smile to her sour chops. Mind you, she is saddled with a sex-obsessed brother, a giant dog, a psychotic husband and her friend Julie, often fun but lately borderline village idiot. Give her another few weeks and she'll be trotting down the cobbles with a bladder on a stick shouting "Hey nonny nonny".

Despite all of this though, there are reasons to be cheerful. Rita is back in the mix and giving Norris and barmy Mary a dressing down. Kylie's back. OK, maybe not an obvious reason to hang out the bunting but she seems to be less hateful than before. The scriptwriters have reigned in some of the unpleasantness and, hopefully, she will prove to be less mercurial than Good Becky/Bad Becky.

Soon we will have yet another 'Tenko' actress on board in the shape of Stephanie Cole. If Sylvie Cropper is as dry as Beatrice Mason was in the Japanese war drama, then we should be in for some fun. While we are at it, why not bring a few more 'Tenko' characters to Weatherfield? Mrs Van Meyer pulling pints, Sister Ulrica sewing a few saucy habits at Underworld . . . I digress.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of the show at the moment is the genius paring of Aud'n'Claud. They are the Thelma & Louise of the north west and make for great viewing. It's wonderful to see Audrey with a pal again and Claudia is a riot. If the rumours of her taking over the Rovers are true, then we could be in for fun times ahead!

Add to this Liz McDonald's swansong, Dennis Tanner's return and the summer departure of Rosie Webster and we have the makings of a good few months of drama and laughs. I'll drink a pint of Newton & Ridleys to that!


Kylie O'Reilly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kylie O'Reilly said...

I'm loving Aud'n'Claud on Corrie - I hope the Trannys name is Maud

mister_tmg said...

Amen, Ben!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Very good blog Ben, reflects a lot of my feelings. The Websters et al are becoming very tiresome with their constant bickering and Liz looked ridiculous and out of place somehow on her return yesterday. Becky whining on for more money out of Steve for Maxhay-baby's karate kit - arrrgghhhh.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Rosie Webster was leaving in the summer. I must have missed the report about that. When was it announced?

Tvor said...

Yes when was the Rosie Webster thing announced? Hadn't heard that at all

Sea Penguin said...

I'm hanging on by my fingernails at the moment - just hoping it turns a corner soon.


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