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Sunday 27 March 2011

Coronation Street weekly awards for March 21 - 25

Team Sally Vs Team Kevin - Brilliant stuff.

White knight award? Gold Star: Trevor's back and magically fancies Janice, whisking her away. Good luck luv.
Silver Star: Jim's back (Yay!) He still fancies Liz and would love to wisk her away.

Stirring the pot award: Gold Star: I know that Liz has enough reason to hate Becky but there was no point poking her with a sharp stick either. Leading to...

Blame shifting award: Gold Star: Liz makes out that it's not her fault that Becky went mad at her. She provoked it on purpose.

Fashion "Damn!" award: Julie's red coat.

Insincere award: Gold Star: Not much of an apology from Maria, I agree.

Blast from the Past award: Paper star: Roy has a letter from his mother and he's not happy about it.

You win some award: Kevin won the lottery, and lost half of it to Sally. And he's got a Blackmail Award: You get half the money if you stay married to me.

You lose some award: The tickets Kevin bought would have been Steve's.

Dog Rough award: And you thought Becky looked bad drunk. Here's Liz the morning after!

Lines of the week:
Becky (of course) to Liz: "You think you're the Queen of the Rovers? You're not, you're a tart with a bus pass!"
Liz: "I blame myself, really" (I do too, you shouldn't have been gone for months and months)
Maria: "I had to swallow that much pride I nearly threw up!"
Tracy: "I might not be a saint but I don't stagger around drunk picking fights with people" Steve: "No you just off them when they get on yer nerves!" (and spineless Steve actually apologized to her for it.)
Tracy: "It was a joke, Gail. You remember them? You should do, you've given birth to enough of them!"
Liz to Jim: "What happened between us in Spain....." (What??????)
Trev: "Being a binman has lost some of it's allure." (There's an allure?)
Sally: "This divorce is off!" (Well, Kevin, you *did* want to stay married but blackmail isn't really the way.)


Frosty the Snowman said...

How about

The Most Presumtious Buyer Award: Cheryl the Annoying measuring up and criticising the carpets and decor at the Websters before they have even exchanged - what vendor would allow that?

Why dont you keep your big trap shut award: Kevin mouthing it off in the Rovers and buying everyone drinks on his scrachcard win. Shut it and verify it first you moron.

How does she afford it award: Gail has been in every episode swigging wine in the Rovers, without even the sniff of a job intereview or even looking for one. Nick is not working either so is David on his "Creative Director" wage keeping the 5 of them? I think not.

Useless solicitor award: The scratchcard win really seemed to throw them, surely one of them would know the law - dah?

Most un or is it in-credible romance ever, Trev the bin man coming back to take old Battersmouth off into the sunset, I mean would YOU guys? I thought not.

Dont care about the stink of fags and booze award: Janis wierdly hanging around Peter and Leanne's flat just before they returned, when she is living with Julie. Why has she even still got a key?

Anonymous said...

I thought the 'what happened to us in Spain..' comment was hastily introduced as one of the writers may have,surprisingly, realised that they had made a mistake when Liz first met owen and said she wasn;t talking to him because of what he had done to jim. how would she have known about that if she had so obviously not heard about all the other goings-on in the street in her absence. so they invented a tryst in spain!

Anonymous said...

Interesting to observe that you see Liz as the antagonist against Becky. All your articles and blog posts defend Becky's behaviour, and Liz's defence of her son and grandchild (not to mention her criticism of Becky's looting her husband’s friend and her own neighbour) you appear to see as provocation. Yes, Liz was not caught-up on recent goings-on and was away for several months, but she never in her long residence on the street ever behaved as badly as Becky has over her short residence -- mucking up Kelly for theft and trying to steal Lloyd from her, her violence (always hitting/punching Steve) and constant fighting, trashing public property, and general drunken/slovenly actions.

Tvor said...

I dont' think Liz is 100% to blame, and she has every right to dislike Becky but she pushed Becky too far on purpose. That's what i see as the problem this week. She was the antagonist in this case.

Tvor said...

Liz said "It's not my fault" making out that she was entirely blameless but she wasn't.


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