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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Whipped: Wed July 15, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Lucy Gannon, directed by Ian Bevit.

I like Claire's watering-can wallpaper, it's kind of cute. Claire's so annoying to watch lately. Nag, nag, nag, If Molly and Tyrone are the new Jack and Vera, then Ashley and Claire are the new Ken and Deirdre. Claire's hair looks great though. Claire wants both the vacation and the backyard done up now.

Lloyd invites Ashley around for a guy's pub-crawl later on. Graeme is insulted he wasn't invited. Ashley says he'll be there. Gee, what will Claire say to that? I'll give you three guesses, first two don't count. Ashley's says he's not a kid who needs permission, he's his own man. Uh huh. Claire shuts down Ashley's plans. Sounds like it's going to be an early night of drinking for Ashley, home by 8. Ashley looks just stressed to the brim!

At their happy-two-hours in the Rovers, Lloyd worries about why Liz hasn't returned from Spain yet, worried she's playing away I'm sure. The guys decide not to talk about women for the rest of the night. Ashley's too busy being drunk and playing darts to answer his phone, when he knows it's Claire calling. Claire shows up at the pub and has it out with Ashley for not coming home. She really lets him have it, this is very embarassing. You know, in pre-marital training they say that a couple who fights with one another in public doesn't have respect for one another. I'm only saying. Betty compares Claire and Ashley to Jack and Very back-in-the-day, only that Jack used to fight back. Ashley is so whipped!

Norris complains about a bunion on his foot. It seems that Emily has invited Ramsay around for breakfast. That sounds merry. Ramsay comes back into the store later and shows Rita some cushy trainers that he's gotten for Norris. Oh, those'll compliment his slacks and sweater vest combo real nice. Knowing Norris won't ever accept a gift from him, he tells Rita to say they're from her and Emily. Rita wonders why Ramsay continues to bang his head against a brick wall. So do I.

Kevin thinks he can afford to pay Tyrone more after looking at the books. Sally disagrees. Those all-knowing, all-holding books. Now that I think of it, keeping your records in books like that is so turn-of-the-century. Why don't they get a computer? I guess I can't see Kevin Webster mastering accounting software or taking a spreadsheet 101 course. Own question answered. At least we've been spared this episode of having to watch any nausea-inducing scenes between Molly and Kevin. We all needed a holiday to Tenerife.

It seems Ben stood Sophie up when they were supposed to meet. Sophie, Ryan and Sian were getting ready to go to a gig and Ben was supposed to come with them. Ben shows up ready to go and Sophie gives it to him for standing her up the other day. Sophie wants an apology, but Ben won't give her one, since "she started it." Ah, highschool romance. Ben says that Sophie's so wrapped up in competing with Rosie that she'll do anything to be different, including getting baptised. Sophie isn't having that and kicks Ben out telling him he's dumped! Ben opens the door and tells her she was dumped last week, he just didn't get around to telling her. Wow, what a self-righteous, narcissistic, unforgiving jerk! She's better off alone! (or with Chesney, Chesney+Sophie=Forever) At least she'll always have Jesus, and Sally.

Jack's pigeon Scarlett still hasn't come home yet, so he insists they go to Connie's to find her. Jack asks Connie what's up with her secrecy over her living quarters. Connie makes an excuse that where she lives is nowhere very exciting. You've got me curious.
Fiz is getting her hair sucked into a diffuser by Natasha at the salon, when they start talking about celebrity weddings and weddings in general. Natasha goes on about the crappy weddings she's heard of people having such as in a registry office, or a hospital. Fiz starts to tear up, because getting married in a prison is clearly the worse than those. She actually breaks down and tells Natasha she's getting married in prision. Natasha tells Fiz she thinks it's romantic, getting married in prison. What?! Even Fiz thinks it's strange that Natasha doesn't think she's nuts for getting married to John in prison. Natasha says she hears all sorts of things being a hairdresser and nothing shocks her. Besides, she wants to do Fiz's hair for the wedding. That Natasha is two ants short of a picnic.

This episode was rather uneventful besides Ben and Sophie dumping each other. Yawn, I'm hoping for more drama on Friday.


Tvor said...

Jack and Vera back in the day...Vera was much more violent lol It's for sure Jack did usually holler back, even if it was rather ineffective!

No, not a lot happened last night but it carried the storyline forward, with Fiz finding someone that wasn't condemning her, and Claire losing her rag, even more than usual which is leading to her health crisis.

Nurse Florence Ganderpoke said...

Finally! The return of Peter Barlow (with new tattoos I see) which warranted a big 'hoorah' from me. Yum, yum.

Yoork said...

Yeah, Peter's back, with longer hair too! I like Peter Barlow too actually. When he's not desperate with women.


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